Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Taking time for myself to just think, analyse, and just be insightful about so many things.

Mistakes. We’ve all made them. In fact, we think it makes us inhuman sometimes even. I’ve made many of them too. And I’ve at many times, beat myself up for making them. And sometimes I get scared about making a mistake. But we can’t be scared of life. Part of life is making mistakes and what you are able to learn from. What you can take from those mistakes to make you stronger and wiser in only healthy ways.

I also feel that taking some time to yourself to really think, analyse and figure out things that you may not have seen the previous times to see what it can give you in return. Sometimes, being able to really think back to a time when we made a mistake or any life event, we are more able to have more insightful thoughts, and conclusions to those that we weren’t aware of at first. Sometimes, it takes many times before we get it right. And we can’t be hard on ourselves for that. Life isn’t perfect and nor is anything or anyone that’s part of our world.

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