Style: What’s Your Personality Style

Art plays a big role in that.

I think that art can bring out alive in motion so you can just like paint a picture and all of that will be on the paper. And then if you share that with people they will kinda understand the story.

It’s you who as the ability to forgive and to forget. It just depends on you.

Aim high and if you make it, than at better than you could’ve expected. If you miss it, then your still doing good.

There’s always a bright side to everything. Just like on a coin. There’s always a head and a tail. One of those sides is your lucky side. You just have to pick the lucky side.

“Okay, so for tonight’s assignment, I’d like you to write me a three-page essay in anything. Anything at all that you guys believe in so strongly you’d fight for it.” Mathews explained

The Duff

Step 11: Where you realise who you are, accept it and then turn it up to 11.

Your a weirdo, own it. Be the best weirdo you can be. And you have spent the last month worrying so much about what other people think about you. How about tonight, you just worry about what you think about you.

Now I want you to get cleaned up, I want you to go to that dance and rock that homecoming like my Bianca Piper. Passion, plus action.

Maddison, you used to make me so upset. But now I just feel bad for you. Yeah, I’m somebody’s DUFF. Guess what, so are you. So is everybody. There’s always gonna be somebody prettier, more talented, or richer than you. But it shouldn’t affect how you see yourself.

You label everybody to try to keep them down but your missing out on all this great stuff around you. You have Wesley and you treat him like he’s stupid. He isn’t. People don’t like him because he’s with you, they will because he’s an amazing guy. Look, I like myself. I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else.

I realise now none of this matters to me. But it does to you. It’s your dream. And I totally support that. Just don’t tear me down for not giving a shit about your labels because in the end they’re meaningless.

Aren’t you gonna get your crown?

Wes: No, I’m gonna get the girl.

In the end, it’s not about popularity or getting the guy. It’s about understanding that nobody matter what label is thrown your way. Only you can define yourself.

“You need to realize you’re only as awesome as you think you are.” – Robbie Amell
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