The Duff

Every DUFF has their day.

Step 11: Where you realise who you are, accept it and then turn it up to 11.

Your a weirdo, own it. Be the best weirdo you can be. And you have spent the last month worrying so much about what other people think about you. How about tonight, you just worry about what you think about you.

Now I want you to get cleaned up, I want you to go to that dance and rock that homecoming like my Bianca Piper. Passion, plus action.

Maddison, you used to make me so upset. But now I just feel bad for you. Yeah, I’m somebody’s DUFF. Guess what, so are you. So is everybody. There’s always gonna be somebody prettier, more talented, or richer than you. But it shouldn’t affect how you see yourself. You label everybody to try to keep them down but your missing out on all this great stuff around you. You have Wesley and you treat him like he’s stupid. He isn’t. People don’t like him because he’s with you, they will because he’s an amazing guy. Look, I like myself. I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else. I realise now none of this matters to me. But it does to you. It’s your dream. And I totally support that. Just don’t tear me down for not giving a shit about your labels because in the end they’re meaningless.

Bianca: Aren’t you gonna get your crown?
Wes: No, I’m gonna get the girl.

In the end, it’s not about popularity or getting the guy. It’s about understanding that nobody matters what label is thrown your way. Only you can define yourself.

This movie has not only inspired me but has also given me a new perspecitve on things that I’ve always focused on the wrong parts of inside of all reality. In life, we all go through stages where we are so focused on what people would accept and not make fun of. Like if we wore one outfit, the haters and bullies would accept us, but if we wore a completely different outfit that we would wear, they would bully us. Make us feel like we aren’t in control or aren’t like them even. Anything really that you could think of or that you may have gone through yourself as a victim of bullying.

But honestly that’s not what matters. We shouldn’t live our lives how the haters want us to as who they want us to live our life as. We should be who we wanna be and embrace that person. Whoever that person is, don’t be afraid of what society will think of you. Because what you should worry or think about every day is what you think of yourself and who you want to be. The kind of person you want to show the world of what you are as a human being.

You are accepted no matter what. The acceptance that really matters is accepting your own self as whoever that is that your confident, proud and happy with being. Whoever that is, be proud. Embrace who you are as much as you want to. It’s your life, your personality, your body. Your in control of it (most of the events in life), make them whatever you want. Dress up however you want, be whoever you want to be (be creative), and live your life however you want. Don’t be afraid of society’s expectations anymore. They are behind you for a reason, to not only strengthen you, but also create a better version of you that you’ve ever created for yourself.

Be uniquely you as you can be!

If you wanna be a dork, then be one. If you wanna go out and do something unexpectedly crazy, then do it. If you wanna ask a girl out on a date, then go find enough courage and make it unique and creative as you want it to be to the special girl. If you wanna kiss a girl, then plan the scene of how your gonna make the move. And two most important things here: don’t get caught up in all the labels society gives you, only give yourself the ones you deserve that are positive, healthy, respectful and anything that describes the person that you are. Nor let what people say about you, change the path you choose to follow in the near future. And second, don’t focus on anything except for what you think of yourself and what you wanna make out of it.

And be proud, happy, goofy, dorky, confident, silly, funny as you can! Because you have every right to be! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

“Your only as awesome as you think are you!” – Robbie Amell