The Magical Reality

We all have our definitions of what we label or call magic in reality.

To me, my own passion, purpose is magic. As well as the magic that life rewards us with after hard work and great progress. It’s those moments where you feel that power like a spark in which you can’t just deny nor sit there doing nothing with it.

You know you gotta do something with that magic. Something meaningful and life-changing to others around you!

Some call mayo magic like in their tv commercials!

We all have been working on owning that body in which we have printed a picture of us photoshopped or a fashion model (Victoria Secret model) to motivate us to work hard so we can progress forward closer to that look.

That body figure may be a goal but it’s not all that healthy. It’s more important to focus on our appearance rather than that number on the scale. And it’s important to work out to keep ourselves physically healthy and also contribute to improving our mental health when ready without any demands from anyone including ourselves.

It’s important to do so because it’s better to take care of our bodies including our brain for how important taking care of our health truly is. Looking or using models body figures or any other role models like Nicole Scherzinger aren’t a good idea to look up to.

If you want to change that picture, choose someone like Demi Lovato who has been quite known for her success in music, as well as living with bipolar disorder, eating disorders and advocating for mental health too! She is also known for being quite the role model to all her fans with eating disorders and mental illnesses.

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