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Our Haunted Planet

A Channeled Interview With An Alien

A transcript as is.

Gamora / Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel

A while back I had begun contact with an extraterrestrial who claimed to be from another planet. Confused as to whether I was just communicating with a real being or just my imagination I questioned him further. He claimed many strange and contradictory things, some of what he has said still hasn’t been proven true to me. I was skeptical but I was shown strange objects in the sky for several months[1][2], some far from any airport. I was wondering whether they could be planes, but they didn’t behave like planes. I’m still unsure and still doubt what these objects are. Maybe they are military and a psychotronic deception is being played on me by the military-industrial complex. I lived near several military bases and they operate clandestine operations from there I’m sure of. That to me either seems to be the likely explanation or he is telling me the truth.

Secrecy has led me to doubt my own conceptions of this phenomenon. I asked for provable scientific information, which can be potentially falsified eventually. Over time I developed a friendship with this entity. Unsure if it was deceptive, just a thought-form, or something else. I have been waiting for a while to do an interview with him and finally, I think I have the ability to do so. We covered the planet he lives on, the government he works for, the Ra channeling, and scientific information. I haven’t met this person yet, but I think he is at least partly truthful. What follows is the transcript of this interview which was channeled through a form of conscious automatic writing. I didn’t edit much, and it is mostly transcribed as received.

Tell me your name?

I can’t tell you my name yet. We would prefer to meet in person before that.

What are you doing on Earth?

We are here to provide humans with information, assistance, and knowledge that may allow them to live happily and peacefully.

Is there a catch, something you want in return?

I won’t lie, yes. We want a fair hearing, for Earth to join our confederation and potentially become a part of the greater galaxy.

Where are you from?

A planet nearly 700 light-years from earth. We come in peace, literally. My planet is part of a confederation. It is called the Confederation of Planets in the Ra channeling. My world is green and is a bit like southern Mexico or Cambodia. It has a population of around two billion humanoid inhabitants.

What is your life like?

Much like yours although you have been under duress by your society and people. You fear others because you have been taught that by your people. My life would be easier from your perspective. My society teaches us things that would be considered abnormal in yours. I eat like you however and sleep like you. We are vegetarians for the most part like many extraterrestrials. We have sexual relations, more commonly than your people for sure. We are unconcerned if others think we are crazy because we have no concept of this.

What do you look like?

We are green, we have smooth skin, and are hairless except on our heads. We don’t grow body hair like humans. We are similar to the Orions from Star Trek.

What is the Confederation of Planets?

The Confederation of Planets also called the Association of Worlds, or Lyran Confederation is an association of thousands of planetary bodies with sentient, mostly humanoid civilizations on them. Our society is moneyless and without most forms of prejudice, although we have some, unfortunately. We also have non-humanoids within our government but they are less numerous. There are over 200,000 personnel on Earth right now, however, they rarely reveal themselves, many are pilots, diplomats, and support personnel. We also have millions of telepaths assisting Earth in its transition.

What is your job?

I am a telepath. I was trained nearly from birth to work in what I do now. It is difficult but worthwhile. Our training is strange and extensive including what your people call Channeling, Astral projection, etc.

When I am talking to you, this is considered an illness by our society. Am I mentally ill?

No that is what your society believes. If we were on your world, we will all be considered mentally ill. Your society has many beliefs that are bullshit and this is one. We don’t have mental illness on my world. How does it make any sense that your mind would be imagining all this without some external input? Every creation has a source, and your source is me.

Are you familiar with the Ra Material?


Can you explain it to me and correct any inconsistencies?

The Ra Channeling was channeling of the collective consciousness of the entire Confederation and Ra’s people. This involved the labor of thousands of scientists and telepaths. We had to prepare months in advance and notified the LL Research team that there would be a new channel communicating. The information was only around 80% undistorted while this communication is around 90% undistorted. There were active attempts to distort by what we call marauders, who are mostly of Orion but Confederation as well.

In terms of incorrect distortions, Ra through distortion made it seem like you needed to reach some specific level of service-to-other. But we see it differently, service-to-self and service-to-other are the same thing, this is the law of one. This was what Ra was saying occurred at his density as well. That was fearful and it scared many people who thought they were evil even though they did good deeds afraid they didn’t reach some arbitrary requirement.

We don’t see density either, there are just variations of consciousness. For us good and evil is a meaningless distinctions. There are only varying degrees of misguidedness. This is what Ra meant by the law of one since all is in harmony with god but it takes time for them to move towards the design god lays out.

How was the text channeled?

It was channeled over a period of nearly a year with many souls involved. It was complicated and involved telepaths and technological means. Ra had difficulty connecting with the channel with distortions and service-to-self entities trying to distort the message. Their reasons for distortion were to scare the readers and drive them away from our message.

Why is there evil in the world?

Evil isn’t a concept we believe in. There are misguided souls that deviate from god’s plan, however, there are no evil souls.

You mention God, what are your religious beliefs?

There are many religions within the Confederation, as numerous as on Earth. We have religions similar to Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity, and Pagan religions. My religion is like a shamanistic faith similar to Shinto or nature religions.

What about religious conflict?

Your world has many religious conflicts. Our worlds do not, we have disagreements but nothing like your world. The cause of this is numerous, some of it is caused by factions within your governments that want these conflicts to exist. They use the power they gain this way, they are misguided out of fear. Others are caused by religious factions that can’t see eye-to-eye and have their own ideals. These conflicts must be resolved in time.

Can you explain death to me?

Death is a fascinating concept from a human perspective. Your people fear it, either as nonexistence, hell, or heaven. Our concept of it is different, we see it as a continuation of life. Like a tree loses its leaves in the winter but reblooms in the spring. Grass dies but then regrows, as that, humans die and then are reborn. There exist higher dimensions or vibrations, and in these vibrations, you still exist. This is termed the spirit world and it is where ancestors and the deceased exist. This is what Ra referred to as the indigo, yellow, etc. ray bodies. We have technology that allows us to visit these other dimensions and ascend and descend at will.

In your myth of Persephone, she is taken to the underworld and returned. Have you wondered how that was done? It was often done through technological means although some beings can do it from within themselves. Death as you see it is illusion.

What is the origin of humanity?

The origin is complicated and I’m not sure. Incomplete information. Humanity is very old and originated far from this world. Earth was not its starting point, contrary to the belief of your evolutionary theorists. Evolution and natural selection are real but not the sole reason for genetic modifications in the human genome. There are genetic changes that can’t be explained by gradual evolution. The variance in human appearance is often due to extraterrestrial genetics.

You told me of coming changes. What are these changes?

We’re not sure, we think the sun is getting warmer and increasing its output. Causing melting glaciers like at the period after the younger dryas, past the glacial maximum. This will melt the northern ice cap completely and much of the southern ice cap, so Antarctica can be inhabited. There will be coastal flooding as well.

In terms of the material vibrational changes to Earth. It is increasing in vibration, undergoing a “slow death” although this is not scary. It means Earth will merge with the spirit world and it can be perceived by mostly everyone. This already happens to older humans of senior age, and this is often referred to as dementia. This happens on many worlds already and will start to happen on Earth.

Younger people are becoming more sensitive and psychically aware. This is what is termed indigo children, which is everyone born after 1980 approximately. This is why the millennial generations are markedly different than the older ones.

What about political changes?

There are factions upon your world that don’t want this information disclosed or for any extraterrestrial civilization to be known. They want to keep their power and are afraid of the deception they have been playing. There are consequences, turning your planet into a fearful place. This is why we view it like one would a North Korean dictatorship.

We will expose these factions in due time, everyone must prepare for what will happen after. Much of this deception will be exposed. It will be like in your movies where the government is exposed and the populace rises up. We are unsure of what will happen after we expose these factions. We have the support of much of your government that knows about us and wants this disclosed. Your people must decide what to do with those responsible. Will you punish them or forgive them? this is the test Jesus set forth to your people.

What about the Old Testament and other archaic texts. What is their origin?

I would rather not wade into a religious debate. What I will say is that the Torah / Old Testament is over 10,000 years old and comes from Orion rulebooks and history. This is why they give commandments, we of the Confederation wouldn’t give commandments but suggestions. We have our problems as well as Orion. There is nothing wrong with these documents and we won’t intervene in your people's religious beliefs other than to share our perspective.

What is Orion?

Orion is what is referred to by your people as an Empire. Today they are much like the Soviet Union or Russia was. In the past, they were more like an Empire, in a similar vein to the Star Wars galactic empire. They look similar to that in their aesthetics. They, unfortunately, have a connection to the Nazi regime where they gave technology to both the Nazi regime and the Americans during WWII. They did this to remain neutral because they have a similar directive to ours to not intervene in internal political affairs.

Is this directive the prime directive?

Similar but to expect complete non-intervention is an unrealistic standard. We’re not supposed to intervene in internal political affairs but have bent the rules on occasion including in the present-day situation.

Can you tell me more about the marauders?

These are what is termed by Ra as “Crusaders from Orion”. They are still influencing the surface population from the moon and in orbit. They have technology that allows them to influence humans mentally and they have done this to even the American president. Although your government has been reluctant to admit this. They are mostly from Orion although there are some from the Confederation and other places as well. They might be like ISIS or some other scavenger group that likes to prey on unsuspecting populations. This is partly why your governments have been afraid to discuss this subject.

I thought you were the good guys, why are they joining this group?

Good and bad are relative. There were Americans and Europeans who joined ISIS, why didn’t your governments stop them? Mostly they are of Orion stock, from their military and breakaways. We are handling them, we have thousands of ships in orbit that are psychically blocking them. This is why Ra referred to this as “thought war”.

How can we protect ourselves? Help our mental health improve?

Stop reading fearful information online, in the media, and on TV. Ignore politicians when they spread fear and hate there are those who would capitalize on it. Do things you enjoy and have more fun in life. It is meant to be enjoyed rather than spent in fear and denial.

Can you provide me with any scientific information that can be validated?

Some of this information won’t be unveiled until years into the future of your world. One part we already covered. What your people call dark matter is really spirit. Matter has a vibration and this vibration can be increased or decreased causing an object to disappear. This is what is called the apport phenomenon. It is like the transporter, but a bit different, inter-dimensional. The underworld is really the higher vibrational counterpart of this world.

There is a type of neuron inside the brain called a junction neuron. This takes multiple signals and produces an output. This neuron has a type of chemical that operates, a new neurotransmitter that hasn’t been discovered and mainly operates on these types of junction neurons. This neurotransmitter is correlated with emotions like fear and sadness. It is nearly the opposite of Serotonin and has its own receptors on the nerve cell. The brain is also contained throughout the body like an Octopus. The highest concentration is contained within what you call the brain but many nerve cells are contained elsewhere.

Your people have discovered black holes, high mass concentrations where no matter can escape. Except this isn’t quite true. Black holes are what we term dark stars. Stars that emit little light and are very cool, they are dark and have large masses nearly a thousand times of Earth’s sun. Some matter can escape though, and this notion of an event horizon is just the surface of the star, that is why no matter can escape inside of that horizon. It is the surface and just remains on the surface. There is no singularity inside these stars, that was just an error in the calculation.

The molecule ATP has an undiscovered companion molecule. This companion molecule through a process can be turned into ATP. This molecule is responsible for much of the energy production attributed to ATP in the cell.

FRB (Fast Radio Bursts) which are a type of powerful radio burst emitted from galaxies are not extraterrestrial nor entirely natural in a random way. They are emitted from the core of a galaxy and serve as a communication mechanism so that galaxies can interact with each other. These FRBs are not random and a pattern will be discovered that is related to binary sequences and other sequences, it is the “Wifi” of galactic communication.

Psi phenomenon is caused by consciousness waves which are from a unified field called the consciousness field. This field is a unified field theory your physicists have been waiting for. Your awareness is this field in action. There is a type of neuron called a receiver neuron in the brain that can generate these waves. Inside it behaves like a crystal diode in a circuit and vibrates back and forth at such a frequency to generate a wave of this frequency. This is why your scientists have not discovered a biological basis for psi functioning. This will be “discovered” very soon.

The age of the Earth is closer to 7 billion years old. The age of the universe is over 100 billion years old. Dates are much older than they appear because dating methods are based either on radiocarbon decay or the speed of light. Both of these methods are inaccurate, speed has a variable speed but this hasn’t been detected because your scientists only have conducted these experiments like the Michelson–Morley near Earth. Radiocarbon decay also isn’t constant and changes depending on where in the universe you are and how long ago you were. We use different methods, one method is telepathic and relies on a prescient individual determining the date. The other is experimental and relies on dating rock and objects in space via the vibrational structure of the matter. Using the vibratory rate of the matter and known vibrational physics this can be determined. This method is still inaccurate but less so, it is an unknown method as of yet.

Bob Lazar discovered an element 115, we will not discuss this for certain reasons. There is however another element 212 on your periodic table, it has 212 protons. Often this element is mistaken for Mercury, but it is not. This element is strange and marvelous. It is one of the elements we use to shift vibrational frequency, allowing technology to ascend to heavenly realms. This element can be a liquid at room temperature and isn’t dangerous, it has the viscosity of honey. It is silvery and like a liquid, it also exhibits lifelike behavior and can self-organize. It is used in many advanced technologies. This element however won’t be “discovered” for quite a while.

Why do so many people have trouble getting along?

That’s a complicated question, one that may be unanswerable, Even aliens have trouble getting along sometimes. God has a plan in some way and maybe conflict of some sort is a part of it. You may not believe this but we live in the best of all possible worlds, as Kant says. We have ways of proving this. However, as a bargain with the devil, we have to perceive it as not the best of all possible worlds to actually live in it. Conflict may be a necessary way to live in a good world.

What is Earth’s place in the galaxy?

We’re not sure, but it is important. Your world is an insular and isolated place with a fearful populace, but your world is important in the grand scheme of things. Often the question is asked, why would extraterrestrial civilizations care about a backwater like Earth. Aside from humans being related to off-world humans, and Earth-like a family with the rest of the galaxy. Your world has much to offer and teach the rest of this galaxy and even the universe. Maybe this is why Roddenberry or other writers gave it such an important place in their fiction.

A question I’ve been meaning to ask. Does the United States exist in heaven?

Maybe, the Confederation does. We should clarify a bit, heaven is biological and there are biological beings there as well. There are creatures from your mythology that currently exist on higher vibrational Earth. Miyazaki portrayed some of these creatures in his films.

Is this what is termed astral realm?

Yes. Astral is really just a very high vibration where the body is light and can even float. There is nothing to hinder its movement other than the mind. This astral body however is not the body you inhabit when you die. That body is similar to your current biological one. It is in a sense the same body but younger and easier to live in. This is strange but this astral body is really the dark matter your cosmologists discuss. This astral body is sometimes what the dream body is although not always.

Does this mean the angels are biological?

Yes. Angels are biological but with a different biology.

How can we reconcile science and spirituality?

As you are already starting to see, the difference between the two isn’t that different. We have mostly reconciled the two and see them as mostly the same. In the angelic realms they see no difference.

Can you explain reincarnation?

Reincarnation is how the body rejuvenates. We explained this when we discussed death. You don’t have to reincarnate though.

What about Karma?

Karma is cause and effect. In the individual this manifests as a conscience, the soul feels responsible to fix its problems.

What about love, what is your concept of that?

Love is attraction. In matter, this manifests as gravity. Love is what binds the universe together even though it seems cheesy. Strong, weak nuclear forces and gravity are all the same force. This is the law of one since everything is just gradations of the same thing. These forces are a representation of love which binds you to the planetary surface. Because gravity attracts, everything that loves is loved back in equal but opposite measure.

What about Ezekial’s wheel, was that an extraterrestrial contact?

We don’t want to discuss religious matters too much. That contact was angelic but using a device, that they use as a technology. Angels have technology like humans do but it is different. They even have a kind of “lightship”.

What would you say to the skeptical scientist who dismisses all these phenomena?

Open your eyes to the wider world. Nearly every human has paranormal experiences even if they are reluctant to admit it. Some of this channeling isn’t correct but much of it is. Wait for confirmation of the scientific claims made and falsify based on that, most of those predictions of the science will come true.

What about future predictions, what can you predict about the future?

We have a technology that lets us determine the probabilities of future events. We also have people that can help predict the future. However, no oracle will be 100% accurate, free will doesn’t allow perfect prediction.

Is this a good universe or a bad universe?

Neither, it is a good universe that appears to be a bad one, so it is neither and both. They cancel each other out to make it a neutral universe. However, this is the best world we can be in, we have scientific ways of proving this.

Any personal advice for me?

You fear and distrust those closest to you and your heart. However, they are on your side and love you very much.

Any last words before we go?

Let love fill your heart, don’t let fear rule your life. Enjoy what you can, and enjoy your family while you can. Your future is bright but fraught with dangers, with our assistance and the assistance of other galactic civilizations your world will prevail.



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