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Our Haunted Planet

An Introduction to UFOs For The Beginner

This is for those who have no knowledge of the subject.

“Nothing in my work on UFO abductions has surprised me as much as the discovery that what is happening to the earth has not gone unnoticed elsewhere in the universe.” — John Mack

Iwant to introduce the UFO subject briefly to the person who is just learning about it. I welcome you if you’ve come from the NASA articles or any other mainstream article. First I must tell you why I am interested in the subject. It started when I was young reading up on the subject and felt a connection with it. I never felt completely at home on Earth, the society seemed to be alien. Fear was rampant and the people were afraid of the powerful. It seemed no different than the government of the Star Wars empire. As I got older I drifted away and focused on my career. Now returning to it with new eyes I have realized the implications of the subject for humanity. People have been wondering about the truth of our existence because the conventional narrative makes no sense. This is why shows like Ancient Aliens exist, which while they may or may not be correct, have garnered a following for a reason.

A science fiction future isn’t that far away, in fact, it is already here with us unaware. However this technology has been locked away, and we have been stuck on a planet ruled by a Cabal that controls our lives and restricts our movements. The late Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer talked about this and I believe he is right.

A UFO with the text the Truth is Still Out There.
X Files / Wired

If I am honest I am biased, I’m not completely objective because I have a long understanding of the subject. I am not a field investigator, but more an armchair investigator with personal experiences. Now I want to make something clear, I don’t understand everything but I understand enough to know the subject is weird, very weird. It’s not simply aliens coming here for a vacation, or military drones taking a leisurely stroll through civilian airspace. Project Blue Book studied the phenomenon but didn’t come to any sufficient conclusions with nearly 700 unidentified cases remaining. This is why these investigations are being restarted under new names like AATIP.

There have been active attempts to suppress this information and not everyone wants disclosure. There is politics involved like in any human affairs. I often think this is because this knowledge will throw open deep wounds, and make people distrust their old institutions. I think revealing this subject will lead to political revolution and possibly the dissolution of our old governments as happened in South Africa. Our governments haven’t been honest with the public and have been gaslighting them for decades. The medical and scientific communities have contributed to this as well. Pathologizing the belief in extraterrestrial contact. It’s unfortunate but the trust in scientists and academia is low, and much of this distrust is deserved. I hope we can fix science gone astray. This article by a political scientist is a must-read on the secrecy around the subject. Some people in power must be held to account, and I suspect something like the truth and reconciliation commission from post-apartheid South Africa will come about.

You must question everything you have known prior because I am going to tell you an uncomfortable truth that I and many others are already accustomed to. Your society, scientific community, and culture have lied to you, they have told you UFOs are nothing and purely explainable, they have told you mind and matter don’t interact, they have told you Earth is alone in the universe because most societies don’t work the way we do, they have told you the mythologies of old are just fictions and not to be taken seriously by serious-minded people. However, all these subjects interrelate. Mythology is the way ancient peoples told us their history, we would be wise to take it into consideration. Any good student of the subject should be familiar with mythology, psychology, science, logic, history, and so on, most of these fields take a lifetime to understand. Opinion is changing and now the news is openly discussing these unknown objects.

There is a history however of these objects, and this history relates to religion and theology. If you’re religious you must throw out notions of your old religion, although often correct, which will have to be revised. Religion isn’t wrong, but incomplete. We live in a strange place and the world keeps getting stranger. It often doesn’t make sense, a contradiction, and when this is the case there must be something we don’t understand. The scientific dogma doesn’t cut it anymore and new science will have to be created. The largest surprise for me has been how interrelated the universe is and how what happens on Earth affects the cosmos elsewhere.

If you wish to read on the subject there are several authors I feel are exemplary and will help you understand more: Jacques Vallee is a scientist who has studied this phenomenon his entire life, Richard Dolan is a historian who has studied UFO cases and the national security implications, David Jacobs has good information but a fearful prognosis, read him but take it lightly, Keel is a good writer and often delves into other phenomena such as cryptids, Linda M. Howe is a good researcher who I think has been unfairly tarnished, so is John Mack who studied abductions and in-person contacts. Gary McKinnon was an IT specialist who gained access to DOD and NASA computers. There he found documents about an American space fleet and pictures of these spaceships as well. There are some famous incidents that should be read up on Roswell, Dulce, Kecksburg, Ariel School, etc.

Many people have had encounters with extraterrestrials and while some may be deceiving they aren’t all liars. If this doesn’t resonate with you then leave it, but if it does then read my article on contactees. There are a few contactees who are women as well like Betty Hill although I’m not familiar with most of them. There is little to be gained except ridicule for being open about experiences like these. Telepathic contacts are common, the scientific community has denied this but many people claim to have had these experiences. There is also a process called channeling which can open the doors to other worlds. It is a continuation of the spiritualist movement that affected the United States during the 19th century. Channeling allows one to controversially connect with spirits, aliens, and other entities that exist in our universe and possibly multiverse.

These entities can give information that couldn’t be dreamed up in the wildest imagination of a writer. They can give relatively accurate information about deceased people, like this channeling of the Challenger crew. However, the connection with deceptive beings must be taken into consideration and precautions must be taken. If something doesn’t feel right about the connection then break it off. The most important channeled works concerning aliens include The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal and The Ra Material. While skeptics claim most of this information is contradictory, I find that they’re wrong and most of it is consistent. Maybe it’s incorrect, but at least it's a coherent logical history of our place in the universe. I also find it doesn’t seem to contradict mainstream Christianity too much other than slight deviations in interpretations of Jesus’ life. Take this channeled information with some doubt and if it doesn’t seem correct, reject it.

Now that we’ve gone through all of this, I wish to implore you to keep an open mind and determine for yourself the truth. Truth must come from within. Nobody can determine the truth for you other than you. The subject is complex and still misunderstood, there are factions that don’t want the truth discusses because they fear it. The truth will come out eventually. I hope you will spend time looking into it further and find out the truth for yourself.



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