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Contactees Who I Think Are Honest

Or at least partly honest.

In light of the news that NASA is studying the UFO subject. I wish to entertain a more controversial subject, that of contactees. Many people have had contact with non-human beings possibly from other star systems. Some of these are ancient and go way back. Sometimes these were interpreted as spirits and they very well could also be from the spirit world. Contacts continue to this day with these beings even though modern scientific literature likes to dismiss these claims. The skeptics of this are wrong and incorrect and this will be proven in time. Similar to how ball lightning used to be dismissed as nonsense.

Close Encounters of The Third Kind / Columbia Pictures

Noted psychologist John Mack had been ridiculed for studying the abduction phenomenon. Because of one mistake by a bad-faith actor, his reputation was tarnished and drama ensued. Encounters with extraterrestrial beings are often dismissed as fanciful because it is frightening to face the reality. Mack however isn’t the only source of contactee information. There are thousands of people who have had these encounters and the scientific establishment and government gaslights them into keeping quiet. I wish to cover a few of these contactees that I feel have a solid background. They all have some evidence of their experiences and often are highly decorated and respected.

Charles Hall

Often there is the question of why aren’t there any whistleblowers about US government-extraterrestrial relations. In fact, there are, Charles Hall a veteran is one such example. Charles Hall is a military contactee who served in the United States Air Force at Nellis AFB and Indian Springs AFB now Creech AFB. He wrote the Millennial Hospitality series of books which are a memoir of his experiences. I emailed Charles years ago asking about his experiences and he’s a respectable and polite man. Paola Harris has done research on Charles which corroborates much of his story. He even includes his military records in his books and is forthright with the information indicating he was actually working out in the Nevada desert.

Walking With The Tall Whites / Charles Hall

Charles tells the story of his interactions with the Tall Whites during the 1960s. They originated from a star near Arcturus and travel nearly one hundred light-years to reach Earth. They are vegetarians, and like to gamble, visit casinos, and are very family-focused. They sound like strange, slightly melodramatic humans at times. He had some negative encounters with a few of them, but most seemed to be friendly and helpful. They were involved in technology transfer programs which Hall describes but wasn’t involved with personally at the time. He describes meetings between Air Force officers and tall white extraterrestrials. They were given permission to fly in their craft and seemed to have a close albeit sometimes contentious working relationship.

I don’t think Charles is lying, there is fairly good evidence for some of his claims. He has military records that validate his Nellis assignment, according to Paola, a good knowledge of the area near Vegas, and detailed accounts. If you look at satellite imagery of the area you can find many of the structures he described in detail and even see some peculiar-looking spacecraft. While people on AboveTopSecret were complaining about him being a fraud. I saw through that and felt he was telling the truth based on his military records and forthrightness along with corroboration from satellite imagery. He was at Nellis and was a weather recorder during the 1960s. I think more proof of his experiences will eventually come out in time.

Billy Meir

The worst argument I’ve ever heard against UFOs goes something like this. “Why aren’t there any good photos, just blurry photos.” Billy Meir is the guy with the good photos. He took several photographs and even video of saucer shaped craft, operated by human-like beings. He is an interesting case, a Swiss-born contactee who over the span of decades had encounters with the Plejarens from the Pleiades. Often called a hoaxer by most researchers. Whenever any community unanimously announces someone as a hoaxer I then look at them in-depth, because the UFO community is usually wrong when it’s ruled by groupthink. Some say that certainly there would have been more witnesses or they would have stopped to look at the craft you see in his videos. However, I’ve seen UFOs that were clearly not planes flying over busy interstates before and nobody stopped.

Billy Meir / Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s auctioned off his photos and they run a good several grand. Some say the photos are fraudulent but for the time they are some of the best UFO photos taken. There are no visible strings and while they could be fraudulent it would have taken a lot of work make these look so accurate. This was the age without photoshop, and Meir was no Hollywood filmmaker. He is one of the few contactees to have several high-quality images from the 60s and 70s period that even Bill Nye would have difficulty debunking.

In terms of his contacts, he described human extraterrestrials, who gave him scientific and cultural knowledge. I’ve also had experiences with that and I think it’s likely these beings exist. It is strange to think of what it means for us if what he claims is true. I’ve been looking at him a bit more closely to determine the validity of his claims. He seems reasonable, however, more investigation must be done.

Charles Halt

Another military witness, Colonel Charles Halt was at the Rendlesham incident. He describes encountering a large craft with several other witnesses in the Rendlesham forest. He saw writing while near the craft and transcribed the symbols. The story is strange but had many eyewitnesses. It wasn’t a one-off thing that could later be disputed. He never actually saw who was inside the craft and it possibly could have been a drone. However, this was long before drone technology was mainstream and the spacecraft seemed to have repulsive antigravitic propulsion.

Rendlesham Enigma

Years later we still don’t know what Halt saw and the other men as well. Many have tried to dismiss these claims, including famous tv-scientists and none have had conclusive proof against their claims. I believe one day we might learn more about what happened in Rendlesham forest.

Juan Perez

Juan is a Guacho, a cowboy, in rural Argentina, he has native American roots but lives in the modern world. As a child, he experienced encounters with extraterrestrial beings that healed his horse, gave him knowledge, and helped him meet his grandfather again. These beings either were deceptive, or really were able to help him meet his ancestors. He was traumatized by his experience in this world which has difficulty accepting such encounters.

Going back to his roots, noted researcher Jacques Vallee helped Juan make sense of his experiences. While Juan doesn’t have much physical proof, his emotionality and sincerity does win me over a bit. I wish Juan had more physical or documentary evidence, however I trust Vallee’s judgement on the validity of his experiences. You dear reader should really check out the documentary on him, Witness of Another World which contains even more information.

Honorable Mentions

Corey Goode

Oh man, how I want to determine the validity of Corey Goode. Some of what he claims seems accurate, others seem like bullshit. He sounds a lot like he puffed up his position to that of ambassador for Earth even though he was just an intuitive empath. I’m still split as to whether he is telling the truth or not. I feel like I just need to listen to more cosmic disclosure and correlate it with other sources. There’s a lot of conflict over his accounts with claims of it being ripped from Project Camelot.

I have difficulty believing someone without higher credentials would be allowed into such meetings as he claims. He goes on from fights with Dracos and conflicts on Mars to diplomatic meetings around Saturn and on the Moon. He claims to have met the Ra from the Ra material which is a stretch but possible. However, he has no military records of being in space to back up his claims like Hall nor pictures or video like Meir. Maybe a liar, maybe a truth-teller, only god and Corey know.

David Huggins

David Huggins is an artist from New Jersey who had many encounters with extraterrestrial beings. He has little proof of his claim other than his own testimony, however, his claims are so preposterous that I immediately sense it’s not a work of fiction. Fiction is usually more mundane. He doesn’t have much evidence besides his testimony and while I consider him to probably be honest, I can’t guarantee his validity.

He has several sexual experiences with extraterrestrials. Encountering strange technology, portals, and cloaked UFOs. I love the outlandishness of his experiences, something seen often in high strangeness. We need more of this weed, and more of this dude. Life is often like a comic, and I think we need to laugh more at the absurdity of it.


It is 2022 and we really should be past the idiocy of wondering whether any Earth human has had extraterrestrial contact. It is the future after all, our flying cars are already here, albeit hidden by the government and corporations. Even if 99% of contactee accounts are bullshit, it just takes one to prove a positive. I hope skeptics who dismiss all contactee accounts read this try to argue against the possibility of any human-extraterrestrial contact. A very tenuous hypothesis at best. It’s like a villager on some remote island in the 1980s arguing that Europeans don’t exist and have never visited their island.

We are in a new era, where we should really stop acting like the elephant in the room doesn’t exist. Pink elephants really do exist somewhere on Earth. Maybe even pink unicorns exist somewhere in this galaxy. Ignore the scientists and journalists who say that these encounters are all nonsense, they make perfect sense. There is no Fermi Paradox, just an ignorance problem. Have a fine day everyone.



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