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Our Haunted Planet

Don’t Look Up

A metaphor for the unknown.

A video I was watching a while back compared the film Don’t Look Up to climate change. While I can see the analogy, I don’t think it really fits with the unearthly vibe that was the point of the film. Climate change is mundane and not something from beyond rather a domestic problem. We must find an analogy not quite of this Earth. A meteor is an unearthly invader from the skies who haunts our dreams. So are aliens, I’ve had alien abduction dreams which I presume were at an astral bodily level. UFOs in the sky are also unearthly and unexplained. They are visions from the skies that we don’t really quite understand much like a meteor is. They can give us heaven or rain fire and brimstone down on us.

Meteor via https://www.kmzu.com/

We often find we don’t understand what goes on in our own sky as much as we think. Keel and Fort have many accounts of strange occurrences in the sky, with anything from fish to metallic substances falling. We must live in a constant state of questioning what will fall from the sky. There are many accounts of strange things falling down. The Maury Island incident is one such account of falling debris from a UFO. Is it just a byproduct of the propulsion system or some falling trash?

I often find we don’t really look up enough. We stare more at our mobile devices than our own sky. If we did we would see all sorts of strange occurrences. I often see UFO lights in the sky, that are clearly not airplanes since they hover and often vary in brightness while moving away. Skeptics like to dismiss these as astronomical objects but most astronomical objects do nothing like this. Steve Barone has a good series of UFO videos which he takes over Las Vegas. I’ve seen similar objects hovering over my neck of the woods. These really can’t all be astronomical objects nor planes, correct? What they are is mysterious.

Oftentimes skeptics complain about why there aren’t good videos or photographs but oftentimes people aren’t even looking up at the sky. Our night sky has been cluttered by lights and most objects aren’t even visible. Most people too busy with their day to even bother looking up. When they do they often can’t get a good picture in time and when they do they are just accused of being fraudulent. I’ve seen UFO like objects in the middle of the day that were hovering just a few hundred feet off the ground. They’re not that hard to spot. Spotting a UFO just takes time and patience, look up at the sky every night near midnight and you’re bound to spot one eventually. Those astronomers who complain they never see one are clearly astronomers who don’t look up enough.

We live in a strange universe, one that defies explanation. We must contend with the limits of our own knowledge. Even my own, which I receive directly into my mind may not be entirely correct. We live in a world in which we spend too much time looking at our phones and not enough time looking at the sky. If we did we would find stranger objects than mere figments of a screen. To end this I leave you with something to listen to while looking at the sky tonight.



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