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Our Haunted Planet

Four Strange Claims

Four extraordinary claims about our world in extraordinary times.

Strange events have been occurring. UFO sightings on a nearly daily basis. While I may be skeptical about what is going on, I am convinced there is something more. I must get to the bottom of what is going on, to get an idea of what is transpiring. I feel like Hynek when he was encountering government officials and strange events. Maybe I’m too paranoid, I probably am, but I’m realizing there are stranger events at play. Almost like I am in some movie.

More and more of the puzzle is making sense. Like that math problem that you couldn’t figure out until the last 10 minutes. The engineering background I have helps a lot with the scientific aspect of understanding this, but it is unable to provide for my mental wellbeing. I have been writing as a means to clear my mind. Thus I write about what I have learned not as a statement of proof but because of a need for clarity. I will make several claims put forth to me.

I have not received official documentation yet of these claims. They are purely from my own mind and telepathic contact. I’ve also had several direct UFO sightings of low flying craft with observable shapes. I believe in telepathy as a means for transpersonal communication since I’ve had several events in my own life that have proven it. However, Dean Radin has done scientific work as well that has shown its viability. Maybe it is foolhardy to desire documentation, but because of my skepticism, I feel the need for that. Hopefully, soon I will receive this documentation, until then I will state these as tentative and unproven.

Some of the claims here will seem like common sense. However, others will seem extraordinary. Maybe they do require extraordinary evidence. However, in strange times like these. I think that they sometimes vouch for themselves. They certainly make more sense to me than what government scientists or politicians spout. Make up your own mind.

1. Humanity has been under the influence of intergalactic civilizations for millions of years.

Linda Moulton Howe has been criticized, maybe rightly for various assertions about extraterrestrials. She is a Stanford-educated journalist, sometimes considered a crank by skeptics. She often uses anonymous sources for her information, which while problematic is often the main source of information within mainstream journalistic publications. She has made claims about ET influence over our planet and how over twenty different civilizations have influenced Earth's society. She often talks about this and other paranormal subjects on her Earthfiles podcast.

Maybe she is wrong, however, I have received similar information as her through telepathic means. There are three major galactic governments intervening in human affairs. Colbert joked about this a bit. Referring to an Israeli defense official who also confirmed what I’ve heard. Their influence isn’t just some friendly hellos and good tidings. It’s intensive and involved genetic manipulation, colonization, and technological dissemination over a period of eons. Not just thousands of years but millions. I’ve written about this before and will continue to do so.

EVE Online

This is part of the problem with disclosure. It’s not just a “there are extraterrestrial civilizations”. It’s more of a “There are several extraterrestrial civilizations, some created human civilization and some look like us, some don’t, and are still influencing us today.” My understanding can be summed down to a single statement. We are the lost colony of an ancient galactic empire. There is often more fact than fiction in some science fiction and truth is stranger than even that fiction. God doesn’t need us to write its own strange story. I suspect more knowledge about this will come out in time and we will understand our universe a bit better as it does.

2. The sun is getting whiter.

This was something I hadn’t known before and only recently started to realize had some truth. If you look at the sun right now, it will appear white, not yellow. This is something you can confirm with direct experience, go out and look at it. This wasn’t always the case, it used to be a yellow star. It’s been explained to me that hundreds and thousands of years ago the sun appeared yellower. I think this is why our common depictions of the sun are yellow. The sun has supposedly been going through the end of its midlife cycle. Stars normally do a have lifecycle. They change their size and luminosity over time, often forming a trajectory that varies in value. This is often expressed in a hertzsprung-russell diagram which shows luminosity and temperature. Color is determined by temperature with redder stars cooler, whiter stars in between, and bluer stars hotter.

hertzsprung-russell diagram from https://www.eso.org/public/

Our sun is a main-sequence star within an average level of luminosity. If it is true that the sun has been getting whiter. This means it has been increasing in temperature and slightly in luminosity. More energy would be hitting the Earth increasing temperatures. This was also one of the claims, more controversially that climate change is largely caused by solar changes, not human activity. I am not a climate scientist so I don’t want to make certain claims about that. However I do have knowledge of astronomy, a subject I studied in college and it seems plausible to me that our sun is changing to a white star. Dr. Baird also seems to agree the sun is white, and many other astronomers agree with this perception.

It seemed strange to me at first, but now that I think about it this claim makes a lot of sense. There is more extraordinary information about this that I have received. Human DNA will change because of this, extending lifespans, and well as causing structural changes. Climate is impacted as well, with diminishing ice caps, and changes to areas like the Sahara and Amazon. We will have to see how the changes the sun is undergoing will change us, hopefully not in a negative way.

UPDATE: I’ve been looking at Solar Irradiance data and will look at luminosity data to verify these claims. I’m not sure how the irradiance data is reconstructed since I doubt we have very accurate measurements from centuries ago. However, I’ll keep looking. Time series data is fickle and you really need a large sample extending back millennia to determine long-term changes, I don’t think we have that data. Maybe an extraterrestrial civilization does.

3. Dark matter is higher vibrational matter

We often talk about interdimensional, but what does that mean? Scientists often theorize about dark matter, which is needed to prevent galaxies from falling apart. One of the claims made to me is that matter as a wave has a vibrational frequency. Higher vibrational matter phases out of normal matter and ceases to interact in the normal way. This is what we term the “spirit world”. To many extraterrestrial civilizations, this is normal and not just spiritual, but just physics. We exist as higher vibrational entities in the realm of higher vibrational matter. When we die we die we still exist in a higher vibrational form. Death as such is an illusion of our senses. In some worlds, there are times when the higher vibrational matter comes into phase with normal matter and even “spirit” can be perceived.

There is the possibility that higher vibrational matter is the same as dark matter. I am not sure yet, but it seems plausible to me that the “spirit” we have been looking for has already been found. There is some speculation that dark matter could form into planets. Entire dark matter galaxies could even possibly exist. It has been explained to me from telepathic sources that there are higher vibrational Earths and other planets as well. There are habitable Venuses in higher vibrations with possibly humanoid Venusians like Valiant Thor. Could it be that dark matter is merely just higher vibrational matter and then Earth, stars, and other stellar objects also exist at higher frequencies of material vibration?

4. This galaxy Is eerily like the Star Trek galaxy

I knew Roddenberry received channeled information. For example, he was present during the Phyllis Schlemmer channelings. However, I didn’t realize how closely his sources matched mine. He either must have been receiving Confederation information or was a Confederation citizen himself. Aside from numerical similarities like the usage of the number nine for the council of nine. There are weirder similarities as well. Many of the extraterrestrials in Star Trek-like Vulcans, Cardassians (reptilians), or Orions exist in a slightly different form in this galaxy. In Star Trek as well there is a confederation without money and with an exploration fleet. The Lyran Confederation has an exploration fleet without a standing army. A federation of planets (Lyran Confederation) and a militaristic government (Orion).

In terms of technology, they both have FTL (Warp drive), protein replicators, matter phasing, and telepathy. There is a confederation council like the Federation council.

Smithsonian (Gizmodo)

In terms of differences, in this confederation, Earth is not the center of galactic affairs although it does play an important role. There is no Dominion, Borg, or other hostile force bent on galactic domination. There have been galactic conflicts in the past however like the Federation in conflict with the Klingons or Cardassians. Currently, the two major nearby galactic governments work together as the Klingon Empire and Federation did during the Dominion war. Unlike the Federation from Star Trek there is no capital world from which all power originates.

Fact influences fiction or fiction influences fact. We have to wonder what else is similar to Science Fiction. I’ve been convinced there is a lot of truth to both the Stargate and Battlestar Galactica franchises as well. Battlestar Galactica has Mormon origins which intrigue me. Stargate had a cameo by USAF General Ryan and got major USAF support. We live in a weird time when Youtubers fall in love with humanoid aliens. I actually believe her when she claims this. I’ve had to reevaluate claims by people I once dismissed like Corey Goode. I’m still not convinced he’s correct, and his negative portrayal of many reptilians is incorrect. However, holy shit is the best way to describe how confused I am right now.



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