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Our Haunted Planet

Seth Shostak is Right and So Is Avi Loeb

He’s right.

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth Arthur Conan Doyle

Often I harp on Seth for his dismissiveness of the UFO subject. However, a while back Seth wrote an article endorsing the study of UFOs and I agree with him. Academia has been dismissive of the subject, largely out of fear I believe. Now with NASA studying the subject, we can agree that there is some reality to the subject. I often wondered whether I was wrong about the subject and I’m certain I am on certain points. Maybe there are no reptilian overlords or whatever. However, I’m certain there are strange occurrences in the sky. I feel it is related to telepathic communications, which to me is the most sensible way an extraterrestrial civilization would communicate.

There is a mountain of evidence in support of UFOlogy. Dolan has written about many accounts going back decades, and so has Vallee. The pentagon videos are merely the latest in a long line of weird shit. I don’t take any “skeptic” who claims they are all just mundane phenomenon seriously. Maybe it is just weather balloons and clouds but the evidence doesn’t support that notion.

I think we are correct in going down this road to a real study of the subject. I will admit I am still lost on the subject. There’s a lot I don’t know and am trying to figure out. I still get communications that I’m not sure are valid, however, I will post an interview with the being that I communicate with soon. There is a host of literature out there that I think is largely correct and once this subject becomes more popular. It will gain much more credence and more people will read them: The Prism of Lyra, Ra and Q’uo Channeling, and Bashar. I await the day academics start discussing the communications with Ra. We will have to see how this turns out. I wonder what the future holds, and pray to god I’m not just crazy.



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