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Our Haunted Planet

The Core Truth

A perfectly good soul surrounded by darkness. (https://newagora.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/what-is-a-soul-8.jpg)

Truth be told, I’ve been having an identity crisis recently. Am I really a maniacal scientist who built potentially murderous robots for over 30 years, or am I one of the robots myself? That led to other existential questions about my new career as a writer, I’ve been reading lots of deceptive channeled material, and this has made me question what do I know is true, especially concerning ET life, the soul, spirituality, death, life, etc.

So to counter these questions, I have come up with what I call the core truth, that these following statements must be true, or else my method of reasoning is fundamentally incorrect and I need to start over. Like any good epistemologist, I must determine how I know the things I know, double so for the core truth, I can’t be sure of extraneous things, also I’m not including explicitly channeled material in this because of the risk of including negative deceptive channellings which are all too common. My sources are primarily gnostic experiences, first hand accounts, occasional physical evidence, and historical and mythological record. so here it follows.

What do I know? — How do I know it?

Extraterrestrial or Nonhuman Intelligence Visitation

What do I know?

Some form of non-human intelligent life exists and has been here to this earth plane many times before.

How do I know it?

Reports of many eyewitnesses, Pascagoula, Rendleshem, Ariel and Westall school incidents, Charles Hall, Edgar Mitchell, Robert Corso, etc.


What do I know?

The man has a soul, it is the expression of god in the material world. That there are powers that wish to suppress this expression of god. Potentially the soul can be destroyed so I can’t include that but I do know the soul is divine in nature, and that there are attempts to suppress this.

How do I know it?

The perennial philosophy, Life after Life: Raymond Moody, buddhism, gnosticism (Nag Hammadi, The Exegesis on the Soul, etc.), direct gnosis from experience

Non-Human Intelligence Ethics

What do I know?

There exists positive and negatively inclined non-human entities respective to the human experiencer, whether extraterrestrial or discarnate. Some of these entities could be human souls.

How do I know it?

OBE personal experiences, Operation Trojan Horse: Keel, Fort, personal experience with demonic entities

Influence on Human Society

What do I know?

That these non-human elements have influenced humanity in potentially positive and negative ways.

How do I know it?

Gods of Eden: Bramley, Peter Lavenda: Unholy Alliance and his interviews, The occult influences on society in general, Passport to Magonia: Jacques Vallee, etc.

Supernatural Genesis

What do I know?

Supernatural creation was involved in the creation of man. This does not mean we were entirely created supernaturally, but there was something more going on then the mutation and natural selection aspects of modern evolutionary theory.

How do I know it?

Creation myths, mostly Greek, Sumerian, Abrahamic, Germanic, Aztec-Mayan, Vedic, Hopi, perennial philosophy

What can we ascertain from these core truths, the most obvious conclusion is that the truth is certainly far from what we’ve been told by the modern scientific and governmental establishment, even so from the religious establishment. Man’s supernatural genesis, is often depicted as conflict prone, often with the gods fighting each other over it, the Olympians punished man’s champion. The titan Prometheus, because man wasn’t supposed to have fire, fire gives its user the ability to choose to be more than an animal, to cook their food, build houses, towns, cities, to leave the planet itself. Fire also gives light, representing wisdom and knowledge of ethics, this parallels Lucifer the light-bringer, who helped man eat from the tree of knowledge, and realize their divine potential against Yaweh’s wishes. This challenges the gods’ authority, places man as an equal, this is what they hate. Yaweh and Satan fight for men’s souls, all because man had the free will to choose morality. Enki and Enlil disagree about what to do with men with one trying to wipe them out. Sotuknang wipes out mankind because they have free will to choose negativity.

Prometheus being punished, for all you classical and liveleak fetishists out there. (https://www.greekmyths-greekmythology.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/prometheus-eagle-eating-liver-500x253.jpg)

I don’t know about you, but I want a god who lets me choose, even the negative stuff. A god who makes me choose their preferred choice is no perfectly good and powerful deity after all. Why time and time again do they not want humans to be strong, to be powerful, I don’t know exactly. However I suspect if we understand our divine nature, we can’t be controlled, manipulated to do their bidding, or to become greater than we are, to progress. It’s no surprise to me that we haven’t left this planet in a serious way yet, for to do so would be an act of defiance against the control system. Any beings that do so are at risk of their own “god’s’” wrath, because to leave the confines of their birthplace is to be opened up to other realities, realities where the control doesn’t exist.

And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. — Revelation 12:7–12:9

This all tells us that whoever created man or influenced its genesis is worried that man could rise to its level. Free will gives one the ability to choose what they wish, to create, creativity requires it, without the choice of negativity we would not be able to create poetic tragedies, and write the stories of the gods themselves. Creation is a sacred but brutal act, it dooms one into the pain of incarnation, but allows divinity to manifest through creativity, and compassion.

“The doctrine that God can be incarnated in human form is found in most of the principal historic expositions of the Perennial Philosophy — in Hinduism, in Mahayana Buddhism, in Christianity and in the Mohammedanism of the Sufis, by whom the Prophet was equated with the eternal Logos.” — The Perennial Philosophy, Huxley

A conclusion can be drawn that the non-human entities above us are warring over our divine spark, the creative principle as I call it. I heard an anecdote a while back that some within the CIA were interested in eschatology, and after thinking about the core truth, that doesn’t surprise me. All of this seems to be over our divine nature, in fact not just ours but the divine nature of all being. That is what they’re interested in, the angels and the demons fight over what we are to become, what everything will become. Something greater than ourselves now, or to be the way we have been

In writing this, I’ve drawn connections with the Charles Hall story, it’s interesting because of how the Tall Whites interacted with us, they were afraid of us, deathly fearful, as we were of them, yet they still stayed here to interact. At the military base, and before, for millennia most likely. They didn’t exactly treat us as equals always, but neither did they treat us like we do to the mass of animals. They seemed most interested, specifically the academic kind in creativity, the ability to create, Charles’ singing calmed them, they took interest in his magazines and music, the doctor left the safety of his companions to travel to collect Charles’ compassionate note to his father.

The Doctor was immensely disappointed, but pleasantly began arguing with Tour Guide. “But you do not understand,” he said. “You should read this letter. It is to his father. In it he tells his father that he loves him. It proves that he and his father love each other.”

“He threw it away. It was in his waste basket. He has other letters that he likes better. If I could take this with me, I could show the others. You do not understand how valuable this is.”

James Hall, Charles. Millennial Hospitality IV: After Hours

They even took his half-assed painting off planet most likely to show to their compatriots. They understood the concept of god according to him. The nature of divine inspiration, is present in all beings I think we can assume, but only some choose to acknowledge that. Love, creativity, and compassion are the essence of being, what makes us and every other extraterrestrial being human. Why did they stay? I think because they understand the nature of all beings to connect with each other, there is a deep desire for each individual to connect with another, across space and time in this illusion we all find ourselves in, and that is the real core truth.




A little corner of the internet where I write about Forteana, Science Fiction, Philosophy, Consciousness, and Phil Dick with an occasional dose of humor. The name is a reference to a book by John Keel.

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