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Our Haunted Planet

The Heart of Man

The nature of humanity.

And man, whose heav’n-erected face
The smiles of love adorn, -
Man’s inhumanity to man
Makes countless thousands mourn! — Man Was Made To Mourn: A Dirge, Robert Burns

The heart of man is strange. I don’t understand, I really don’t understand the world. With everything going on in the world. The way the media reports Ukraine, I’m not sure what is really going on. Jung talks about how the psyche of man is of great importance, because society lies on the head of a needle. Anything could push humans over the edge. I wonder if I am crazy, but it makes sense I’d go crazy reading and listening to what I’ve seen. You must go crazy if you’ve lived through the events of recent years. Or have spent too much time living in the here and now. The nuclear weapons stored in silos in North America or Russia could, by the stupidity of one individual be set off at any time.

I myself feel the hatred and anger I’ve felt towards certain individuals and cursed their name. It didn’t feel right, but it felt like it should be. It’s normal and human to be angered by a strange world, one we cannot understand. While I have trouble with lots of channeled writing I like Bashar quite a bit. One of his ways of thinking is that the outer world reflects the inner. If we have negative belief systems in our psyche then the outer world will seem negative. It is the same sort of information I have received which I still doubt the veracity of. However it seems to correct to me, Bashar’s perspective aligns with my own. If you perceive something in a negative way then everything will seem to conform to that belief system. We must learn to overcome our internal prejudices and live without them. When we can control our responses to the outer world we have gained mastery over ourselves. This is the stoic kind of attitude but placed in the “new-agey” context.

Do not rely on the outer world as your measuring stick for your own spiritual growth. Rely on your response to the outer world to determine how much you have grown. — Bashar

The outer world right now is in great flux, which is why my inner world is in flux as well. I liken it to a bad trip, where the trip takes you along and you must go along for the ride. I cannot even imaging being in a position of serious power right now. I would be out of my mind with fear and anxiety. I think in the future they will refer to this period as the second enlightenment. Like the first it had serious political and economic repercussions and several conflicts that changed Europe. I recommend everyone read the book Childhood’s End by Clarke. This is very similar to the time we are in right now. I even venture to say fiction likens to reality.

We live in a strange time on a strange planet, we live in gnostic times. I’m afraid I don’t know anything. I think I understand less than when I first started getting into this. The only truth I’ve known is what I’ve seen and heard myself. I hope others have more answers than me because I’m lost. My emotional state is in flux from hope to fear. My own mind often cannot be trusted, but maybe that is just a symptom of my experiences. Maybe I’m deluded, maybe not, we shall see with the current world changes. I feel something immense is about to happen. Part of me wants to keep living just to see it happen. In spite of all going on, I hope you all have a wonderful day.



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Robert Ford

Robert Ford

I once wrote android software at Delos, now I write about the unseen realities of our universe.