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Aug 23 · 2 min read
“King of Clubs” by Williston Forge, Wayfare

As part of our ongoing exploration of inclusion as August’s editorial theme, this week’s Our Human Family writers address the underlying calls for inclusiveness present in the Women’s Suffrage Movement and undue umbrage leveled at people who hold opinions different from the president and his supporters.

New This Week

Five women officers of the Women’s League in Newport, Rhode Island, c. 1899

Please welcome Sabrina Bryant to the OHF Family as we debut her first article, “Black Women’s Integral Role in the Women’s Suffrage Movement.” In it, Sabrina delves deep into the lesser-known historic accounts of numerous black women who worked tirelessly alongside their white counterparts but faced greater social and physical opposition.

Photo by the Michael Greiner

By all outward appearances and accoutrement, OHF writer Michael Greiner looks like a typical GOPer. In “The Real Reason Trump Supporters Hate Liberals,” Greiner gives credible reasons for the chasmic divide that separates him and other Liberals from Trump supporters once they discover he is not one of them.

“Trump in a Small Town,” by Frank Boston, from his Flickr page (usage permitted by Creative Commons license)

In Not Ready to Make Nice,” antiracist educator, author, and activist Tim Wise renders a response to the question: how should Liberals, Progressives, Black and Latinx people, and others respond when called to understand Trump voters, while no comparable entreaties for the same are made to the other side?

Write for Us

Photo by Julian Germain, Photogrist.

Our editorial theme for September is education. Be sure to check out this choice of topic’s backstory and read the full prompt/call, “Education’s Bitter Roots and Sweet Fruit.” If you’ve ever set foot inside a classroom, the prompt’s for you!

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Love one another.

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Our Human Family

Conversations on achieving equality

Our Human Family

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The editors of OUR HUMAN FAMILY. “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” –Maya Angelou

Our Human Family

Conversations on achieving equality

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