Fall: the Season of Gratitude

November 2019 Writing Prompt and Call for Pitches

Clay Rivers
Oct 26 · 3 min read

With all the social injustice afoot in America, it’s easy to get consumed in the latest act of inhumanity and sink into a state of despair. Working to right inequities is always a good thing, but focusing only on the bad is too much of a good thing, and can result in losing sight of the existing good.

For November, Our Human Family accentuates the positive with an editorial theme to buoy your spirits as we head into the holiday season. Drumroll, please! Ladies and gentlemen, we present —


I’m a firm believer that when we take time to appreciate the good in our lives, it opens us up to giving to others. What are you grateful for that’s greased the wheels of your interaction with members of our human family? Check out this list of topics to inspire you.

  • Culture — have you notice a change for the better in our culture for which you’re grateful? Is there a movement or social cause that has given you a reason to pause and think that there’s hope for society after all? Or is there a cause in which you’re engaged that works to make life better for those less fortunate? Maybe there’s a book, film, or play that’s motivated you to take a more active part in social activism.

Submission Process

If you’re already a writer for OHF, you know the drill. Potential first-time OHF writers, everything you need to know can be found in our Submission Guidelines.

We all know time is going to become a more precious commodity in the upcoming weeks, so I’m streamlining the Submission Process for this theme. You don’t have to write a major think piece — but if you have one inspired by the above topics, share your thoughts and make sure you use one eye-catching photo, and let’s have it! Interested in participating, leave me a message below in the comments and I’ll add you as a writer.

Nonfiction essays — short or long-form — will be posted beginning November 1, 2019. (Sorry, gang. I don’t écrivez-vous poetry and fiction.) Have fun!

Clay Rivers
Our Human Family, Founder and Editorial Director

Our Human Family

Conversations on achieving equality

Clay Rivers

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Author, art director, actor, and optimist. I write about equality, faith, and racism. Let’s chat over espresso. Books: https://books2read.com/b/walkingtall

Our Human Family

Conversations on achieving equality

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