October’s Mixed Bag of Literary Tricks and Treats

OHF Newsletter, Vol 1 No 29

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Oct 31 · 3 min read
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Sorry, gang. No dress-up here. I think all those years performing as a costumed character in the sunshine state’s most famous theme park eventually ruined me for costumes. It took me months to warm-up to the idea of wearing vestments for church. Scary movies and haunted houses? Nope, not gonna happen. I’m ruined for costumes, but I do have an unbridled fondness for candy corn. Pumpkin spice latte? Tempting, but I’m going to pass.

Back to Our Human Family and October’s offerings . . .

October Round-up

We left the editorial theme wide open for October and our writers turned in a variety of articles covering genocide, the blind spots of celebrity privilege, think pieces on how campaign strategies are designed to keep us divided and the ways that 2,600-year-old meditation techniques might be used to mend our internal rifts as well as those of society.

Our writers dug deep into the emotional rigors of coming out as a female gay Christian, stories of success and personal fulfillment in the face of wrongful incarceration, and the freedom that comes from self-examination and introspection.

Behold, our mixed bag of literary tricks and treats! Enjoy!

Confronting Our Nation’s Racist Past with Truth and Reconciliation
Michael Greiner

F_ _ k ‘Nice’
by Sherry Kappel

Hello, Chelsea. It’s me, Clay.
by Clay Rivers

How Do We Heal a Divided Nation?
by Michael Greiner

How Modern Campaign Tactics Divide Us
by Michael Greiner

I’m an LGBTQ Christian and I’m Ready to Start Talking
by Whitney Easton

Impeachment Now and Then
by Michael Greiner

Internal Battles with Privilege
by Robin Pendoley

The Truth About Cancel Culture, Safe Zones, and Trigger Warnings
by Michael Greiner

What Do You Pay Your Writers?
by Clay Rivers

What I Learn from the Black Men in My Life: Part II
by Tre L. Loadholt

What I Learn from the Black Men in My Life: Part III”
by Tre L. Loadholt

Thanks to all of our OHF writers for investing their time and talent, and sharing their internal journeys. And a special thanks goes out to first-time OHF writers Whitney Easton and Robin Pindoley.

November’s Editorial Theme

Photo by Anthony Rossbach on Unsplash

For November, we’re going back to basics: gratitude. In terms of the relationships you have with people, what are you grateful for that’s made those interactions richer, more meaningful, maybe even in some instances a little more tolerable?

Is there someone who has broadened your view of the world and how you fit into it? Share a dialogue in which you’ve witnessed growth in someone or even yourself. It’s good to take a moment to reflect on those people and things that make our world a little brighter.

Follow this link for more information on contributing this gathering of good deeds. We’d love to hear from you.

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Love one another.

Clay Rivers
Our Human Family, Founder and Editorial Director

Our Human Family

Conversations on achieving equality

Our Human Family

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The editors of OUR HUMAN FAMILY. “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” –Maya Angelou

Our Human Family

Conversations on achieving equality

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