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Racism’s Roots in Colonial Virginia’s Tobacco Economy

Following the money

The Mayflower at sea. From “United States; a history: the most complete and most popular history of the United States of America from the aboriginal times to the present day.” (1893). Flickr.

In the early 17th century, the English settlers in Virginia had a problem. From the beginning, there were two major European settlements in what would become the United States: the Massachusetts Bay Colony growing from its humble beginnings in Plymouth, and the Virginia Colony centered around Jamestown. Despite the fact that the climate of…




​Our Human Family celebrates the inherent value of all human beings by fostering conversations on racial equity, allyship, inclusion, antiracism, and equality.

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Michael Greiner

Michael Greiner

Mike is an Assistant Professor of Management for Legal and Ethical Studies at Oakland U. Mike combines his scholarship with practical experience in politics.

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