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Our Human Family

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(Updated: July 31, 2019)

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Racism and bigotry, their damaging effects, and equality are immense, multi-faceted subjects. This topical listing presents a sampling of our writers’ works that provide a closer examination of several of their aspects through the lens of society’s shared humanity.

Some essays will be easy to consume and their truthfulness will sneak up on you like a delicious spiked punch. Other essays will challenge you to continue reading through to the end, and their impact will connect with you like a well-landed gut punch. The value in reading both types of essays (and everything in between) comes from thoughtful consideration of the text, coupled with deliberate introspection of how the text might apply to you. One can not help but become more aware of the world, one’s place in it, and the potential for change because of the experience.

Be sure to check out our writers’ other works which are accessible via links on their individual Medium profile pages. Enjoy!

Black Families

Emmett Till Lost His Life. His Mother Saved Mine.
by Cynthia Dagnal-Myron


White Christians’ Mess
by Jeremiah Blue

Civil Rights

The Already and the Not Yet of MLK
by Dan Hislop

Want to Truly Honor MLK Jr.?
by Sherry Kappel


“My Dive into Gender Inequality
by Emily Cashour

Gun Safety

When Is Enough Enough?
by Sherry Kappel

The Passing on of Humanity
by Sherry Kappel

Mixed Race

The Truth About Being Mixed-Race
by Emily Cashour


Hello, White Boy
by Jeremiah Blue

Love one another.



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