An image of harmonic resonance created by software engineer & computational artist Mathew Preziotte.

The Big Shift

Innerstanding consciousness as a practical science of what’s really possible in a world we can love and protect.

Gunther Sonnenfeld
Feb 15 · 8 min read

As you may already know, energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is transferred in waves and wave forms. It shifts.

Right now, we are experiencing a seismic shift in what might be understood to be consciousness.

Simply put, we can be aware of things, and we can be conscious of what those things represent to us, and the world around us.

Conscious awareness would be the phenomena of seeing or innerstanding what happens within us, as things happen all around us, and achieving some sort of balance by doing so.

To “under stand” implies that you are accepting something other than what you might intuit to be true or real.

What emanates from within, goes outward in terms of what we experience, and then we take that information back in. It’s a continuous cycle, revealed in signals and patterns.

With this innerstanding of ourselves and our circumstances, we can choose to make improvements on ourselves and what we experience, or not. The rest is “left in the balance”, so to speak.

An image from “The Tome of The Unreplenished” — an ancient account of innerstanding the isness of all that is.

It can be difficult to achieve balance, and that is perhaps the point of experiencing life in terms of the realities we co-create: We are at once constantly reminded of what it means to be human, and in the best of circumstances, inspired to make reality better at any given moment.

In other words, each of us can choose to live in resonance.

There are roughly 7.8 billion of us projecting our interpretations of reality onto the blank canvas that is “the world”, at any given moment.

Much of this projection has to do with who we think we are in relation to what it is we think is “going on”.

We can be fed narratives to guide our thinking about what is going on, or we can craft our own narratives. We can be given identities to align us with one ideology or another, or we can identify with our own evolutions in being human. Many of those narratives, shaped by identities, become beliefs.

Beliefs can be helpful in helping us make some sense of the world, but they most often do not enable our moral imaginations to kick in.

They also may not help us heal.

Generational trauma affects us all. Certain traumas from this life also plague our thoughts and actions. We cannot believe that we can simply overcome trauma without addressing what haunts us as it pertains to mind, body and spirit.

So resonance would be the constant practice of seeking balance between what we intuit through our conscious awareness, and what is possible in actualizing something other than what we’re accustomed to experiencing.

Now the question becomes: What is good and what is real in a world that seems to be more and more synthetic as a byproduct of mental models, technology and automation?

Another way to frame it: What do you love about yourself that can be translated into something you would love to see in the world around you?

And, how might you be able to see its impacts in frequencies?

Cymatic frequency healing through sound & visuals.

The sciences of the mind have led us down a path in believing that we can overcome anything by changing the way we think. We might optimize those changes, for example, in relinking or rewiring neurons to then affect brain functions.

3D/4D neuromapping. (Source: MIT)

This is a half-truth.

Per Milton and other great scribes, the mind is in itself its own place. Therefore, it is limited in what its powers of observation and manifestation can do for us in relation to the natural universe, otherwise known as “the world”.

There is no doubt that thoughts (or more formally, thought forms) have ripple effects on the world we experience. Thoughts are energy. Energy is transferred, and it takes on form, thereby affecting reality. And yet, reality isn’t just perceived, it is embodied. It is co-created by each one of us.

In other words, you are the center of your own universe.

Standing down evil a word to describe anything that is the opposite of what it means to live — takes much more than mental modeling. It takes an acquaintance with neurophysiology, which deals with the functions of the nervous system.

Biblical accounts and cultural narratives of good versus evil are aplenty. But are these forces external to ourselves? Does our willingness to be good, virtuous beings rely on outside forces, or simply ourselves?

Why is this important?

Because we experience sensations in our bodies through the nervous system. Those sensations tell us what is true and what is real.

It is the mind that most often gets in the way of us interpreting those sensations as true and real. Or put another way, we forego what we intuit to be real for constructs that are embedded in our minds.

Let’s unpack this in terms of vibrational therapy.

Vibrational therapy is, in part, based on metronomics, which focuses on capturing vibrations or frequencies that are mechanically or unvaryingly regular in rhythm.

In this 3D holographic world we perceive to be real, as time goes on, our issues amplify in accordance with our experiences.

If we place ourselves in a higher conscious awareness, we not only see the world differently, but we can affect our perceptions of time as it relates to our experiences. If we do enough “inner work” with our shadow selves (the darker aspects of what we project out into the world), then we experience more positive outcomes.

Make no mistake about it, this can be a very messy, if not ugly, process. It is certainly not easy wrestling with emotional attachments, stories about ourselves, or any of the signaling we are bombarded with from our technology devices and our media.

So, vibrations that reflect our conscious awareness harmonize our sensations within the body, from which better mental decisions can be made, over time.

We can actually see harmonization through sound and light frequencies.

Harmonic resonance in action. Similar to a beating heart. (source: Mathew Preziotte)

This harmonic resonance is an ongoing process by which we can live on our terms, by way of our own inner powers. That is, when we commit to surfacing those powers.

The natural geometry of wave forms exist everywhere. Whether we choose to see these forms is a matter of the whole body, not just the mind.

An animated geometry of spiral dynamics. (source: Mathew Preziotte)

Love can be mapped out and visualized in a harmonic resonance when these natural geometries organize into complete alignment.

Love visualized in harmonic resonance according to the numerical configuration of 11:11. (source: Moon Mandalas App)

“Ascending” into higher vibrational frequencies, therefore, is a process in which what we sense in the whole body is a representation of the love we have for ourselves and each other.

Love and truth vibrate at the highest levels of resonance.

We can see this scientifically as activated in wave form dynamics. Notice how time is circular in waves. Which means we achieve resonance as we move through various states of being, over time, whereby we are challenged to become “whole again”.

Wave form dynamics visualized with axes mapping frequency.

And, we can see this in a baseline for measurement in amplitude. In amplifying our conscious awareness according to natural frequencies, our immediate circumstances shift perceptibly.

Achieving a topline for amplitude in higher frequency.

So, if we can look at vibrating at the highest frequencies as an individual goal, then we can collectively experience a “higher consciousness”.

As software engineers like Mathew Preziotte have explored, healing through sound can achieve harmonic resonance and enable consistent states of higher conscious awareness of the living world (nature). Preziotte aligns sound harmonics with natural or sacred geometries.

Harmonic resonance through sound treatments. (source:

It is really important to realize that our “transformation” in a higher conscious awareness boils down to our own personal growth.

There are no messiahs, prophets or outside forces that will “save us”. We are tasked with saving ourselves.

In doing so, we can find alignments that are free of moral prescriptions, false or divisive narratives, and a reliance on technological enhancements.

In other words, all we need already exists in nature, and within ourselves.

Whether we map those tools to our personal growth in the form of waves, geometries, language and numbers, is a matter of personal preference.

Geometry and numbers that map the expansion of our self-sovereignty. (source: Astrobuss)

In terms of validating the spread effect of higher conscious awareness, there are theories such as the hundredth monkey effect we might defer to.

This is a purported phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is said to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea.

We might expand this to embrace the actions we conduct in higher conscious awareness that reflect our commitments to constantly doing good things, through right paths, right practices, for the right purposes.

Be that as it may, all that really matters is what each of us does for ourselves to help others reach harmonic resonance.

The hundredth monkey effect — or whatever phenomena we want to ascribe to acting from the heart — has universal impacts.

Another way to look at all of this is through the lens of real-time consciousness. This can be simply defined as the capacity to be consciously aware of everything around you, at any given moment.

This is not to be confused with temporal consciousness, which is rooted in history and philosophies that are more or less predetermined. This is also where semantics can limit our powers to observe things in their natural states, and transform our realities within those states.

Whatever it is or however it is that we choose to elevate ourselves out of realities we do not like or desire, the onus is on each one of us to transcend those realities.

Here’s to the future, which is happening right now.

More soonest.

Our New Nature

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Our New Nature

An applied exploration of unique insights and innovations that help us transform our lives and our work. This publication is a compilation of edited excerpts from the upcoming book, “Our New Nature”, available soon for redistribution and resale revenue on the RAIR platform.

Gunther Sonnenfeld

Written by

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Our New Nature

An applied exploration of unique insights and innovations that help us transform our lives and our work. This publication is a compilation of edited excerpts from the upcoming book, “Our New Nature”, available soon for redistribution and resale revenue on the RAIR platform.

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