“Seascape” by Gunther Sonnenfeld

The Sovereign Integral

How the death of the mind, and the emptiness within, lead us back to the truth about ourselves.

Gunther Sonnenfeld
Feb 20 · 21 min read


Humanity struggles unnecessarily, and repeatedly over time, because the information we use is most commonly not our own. It is external to the essence of the true self, or what is known as The Sovereign Integral.

A way forward is in realizing how information is externalized, and then in developing a practice in how to source and surface the information that is internal to each one of us, using our moral imaginations.

Therefore, the death of the mindthe one we perceive to be real, and the one that is the container for all that we perceive as real outside of us — is imminent.

This exploration will cover off on both the self-realization and the transition elements, albeit in cursory steps.


This will be perhaps the most difficult piece this author has written for readers to accept.

It is also the most important.

First, a definition.

The Sovereign Integral is a designation of that which is you (and me, and everyone) as the expression of All That Is.

We are not separate from All That Is. We are expressions of It.

We are, in fact, all one.

You are, in fact, the Oneness of All That Is in expressive form.

Now comes the hard part for the mind.

The Sovereign Integral is not a concept. It is what Is. It Is.

Being aware of the process of “re-integrating” the integral, sovereign being (you) can be described as Isness.

The mind is an intricate prison complex which hides The Sovereign Integral from itself, which is you.

So the death of the mind is an important gateway in returning to the Universe that is inside of you, and ultimately, created by you.

You do not need to “leave here” to do this.

“Ascension” is a process of stepping into full conscious awareness not dependent on the machinations of the mind.

It is, more specifically, a process by which you create a space for emptiness that enables you to see and experience your true self, without fancy titles, without prescribed cultural identities, without gimmicks, without digital tricks, without a need for any external stories or language that prevents you from experiencing the whole being you already are.

At which point, at any given moment, you see what is possible inside of your true self, for yourself, and therefore, anyone else.

And there are simple ways to do this — to tap into The Sovereign Integral.

We’ll get to them soon enough.

Let’s explore.


Second, a passage from a Wingmaker (“James”, a Sage or High Elder who sees his fully named identity as unimportant).

In the stillness, purposelessness, and emptiness of you, everything exists.

And yet, isn’t this precisely what human beings fear most? In the absolute center of who you are, where the void is, do you not fear this?

Perhaps it would be accurate to say that this is the origin of fear itself.

An irony wouldn’t you say, that the Sovereign Integral, that which most clearly defines you, is feared by you. Why do you suppose this is?

Why would you fear the void and emptiness that is you? Why would you refuse to look through the portal of your human instrument and perceive without the mind in attendance?

This is precisely why human beings are addicted to spiritual propaganda.

They fear the still-point in which they exist because they have been programmed by their HMS (human mind system), and accepted it as truth: What is the void — is but death and non-existence.

Thus, they search for the beautiful, the harmonious, the spiritual vistas of higher worlds, the descriptions of peace and love, angelic presences, the experience of oneness and beauty, but they do not want to go through the gateway of emptiness to get there because emptiness is death and non-existence of the mind. And the mind is what they have come to believe is them.

I am not suggesting that Jesus or Buddha did not possess this insight. They most certainly did and do. In a way, each of us possess this insight through the Genetic Mind, but very few who have walked this planet in a human form have achieved this insight based upon experience and not simply abstractions of words or symbols from the Genetic Mind.

Jesus manifested on Earth to teach humans of his era that death was not real. That God was not out there, but within the individual — every individual was equal in their standing; that the human race was a victim of enslavement to the Money Power Grid, and until humanity would rise up in the self-expression of its spiritual nature, it would remain a puppet of the powerful. And so it has.

From the very beginning, the insight of the Sovereign Integral is a reflection of the era in which we live. As First Beings, the Sovereigns created a mind — a vessel in which separation could occur — and from that moment, individuality was born. Over billions upon billions of years, the Sovereigns of the Mind, created the universe as we know it. They created the dimensions of the higher mind, and this mind creation gradually manifested creations of a lower mind.

It is important here to develop an acquaintance with our modeled reality.

  • God = First Source
  • Spirit = Source Intelligence
  • Soul = Sovereign Integral

In a moment, we will draw a distinction between how this modeled reality sits between prescribed notions of enlightenment, and those which reside innately and infinitely within The Sovereign Integral.

For now, let’s consider this critical element:

It was within the vibratory field of the lower mind that the Sovereigns began to lose their memory of their existence as First Beings.

As this author has written before, life is a process of remembering — remembering who you truly are: An infinite, powerful being expressed as a part of All That Is.


Now we enter the really tough part. The part that most everyone sees and experiences by way of consent, whether that consent is believed to be real or not.

The “control system”, or the active framework of suppression.

It is both consent to a system of suppression and control through the mind, and the constructs which spring from it, from which we must free ourselves. That is, if we want to, and choose to do so.

This is what the suppression framework looks like.

The suppression framework for humanity which has existed for millennia.

As summarized by the Sage…

Human Mind System (HMS) — The Human Mind System is separated into three primary functional mechanisms: The unconscious or genetic mind, the subconscious, and the conscious. These three components intermingle to form what most people term consciousness. The HMS is the most opaque and distorted veil that has stood between humanity and its true self, perverting its self-expression within the domains we call reality.

Money-Power Grid (MPG) — The reason for the Human Mind System to exist is for the “Elite” to exercise control over the Money-Power Grid. Money is the prime objective of the Elite because it imbues power to those who possess it. Money takes many forms, including assets of precious metals and petroleum, land or real estate, minerals, and products and services. Money is the “God” of the Elite and their banks are the religious institutions in which they can worship their God.

Interdimensional Universe Structure (IUS) — The UIS is the structure of reality domains and how they interface with one another. Human beings are both dimensional and interdimensional. First Source is all of us. It is the Collective Us. It is not a God living in some distant pocket of the universe. First Source is the Human Collective unencumbered with the HMS. First Source divided itself into individualized expressions — us.

In the beginning, we inhabited dimensions that were not material, but existed at quantum levels of time and space.

God-Spirit-Soul Complex (GSSC) — This is the central element of the HMS that anchors separation. The individualized human being, free of the HMS, is called the Sovereign Integral. This is the true identity of each and every human being. In this model of the Sovereign Integral, we are Gods (co-Creators) of our local multiverse, and collectively, we are First Source in the multiverse.

What is the GSSC as the anchor of separation? We have two paths: Religion and Spirituality — each being different sides of the same coin, and this “coin” is GSSC.

The human instrument is not simply the physical body but includes the emotions and HMS, and that this human instrument is componentized so that while the physical body dies, a higher dimensional body or sheath that is based on the physical body carries on. Some refer to this as the soul, others refer to it as the astral body, but it is simply a sheath for the Sovereign Integral to operate within and it remains subject to the HMS and most of its programming.

Death Stress Implant Network Detour (DSIND) — As its long title suggests, DSIND is the descent into humanness and the tether of custody to the material world. Within the solar plexus region of the human instrument is the DSIND module of HMS. This gets a little complicated because you have to look at HMS as the master network, and then there are nodes or implants that plug into HMS. One of these is DSIND, and while it is anchored in the solar plexus, it is an intricate network that develops exponentially upward into the heart, neck, and head regions.

This is an etheric structure that collects, absorbs, and distributes fear, anxiety, stress, and restlessness.

While the fear of the future dominates this module — from a programming perspective — it is connected to the primal fear of death and non-existence. DSIND creates much of the dysfunction in the human family in terms of its behavioral deficiencies. It also activates humans for service in religion and spirituality paths.

Polarity System (PS) — This is a sub-node of DSIND designed to create polarities in the HMS and thus create friction between the polarities, and from this friction manifest discord and disharmony. If you exist in HMS (and you do), then you exist in polarity. Polarity is what activates and feeds the HMS.

It is the “food” of HMS because in polarity the human instrument is lost in separation, which is precisely the point of HMS as intended by its design.

Genetic Manipulation System (GMS) — This system was an outgrowth of various interdimensional races working to create a suitable instrument for accessing the physical world. Certain beings specifically wanted to not only access the physical world in order to exploit its resources, but to do so by suppressing the infinite beings that would power the human instruments so civilization had the equivalent of willing slaves.

And yes, infinite beings can be suppressed into finite beings when they are subjected to HMS.

Wholeness Navigator — This is the element of HMS that activates the individual’s authentic search for God in the context of wholeness, oneness, unity, and equality. Some people undertake this search because they feel an obligation to do this as a means to appease the expectations of their parents, spouse, or their own sense of guilt. The authentic search, as decreed by the Wholeness Navigator, is a recent bypass that has been brought into the human instrument through GMS, which is an open system. While it is still an artifact of the HMS, it is a backdoor into the liberation path. More about this later.

Post-Death System (PDS) — This is the system where the individual, upon death of their physical body, is greeted by guides “on the other side” and review their life experience, confronting those areas of deficiency and returning to right the wrongs of their previous life, in other words, karma and reincarnation. The PDS is the means by which the Sovereign Integral remains in the grip of illusion even though the illusion is a heightened reality when compared to physical existence on the Earth plane. It enables the recycling of the Sovereign Integral into physical dimensions over and over again.

These nine components constitute the prison complex that every human being is subjected to when they are born, live, and die; no matter how many cycles of birth and death they may undergo.

With the Suppression of the Sovereign Integral, we are all living in a Matrix-like world of illusion and deception.

First Source is not God, not as human beings understand what God is. God, as an entity, independent of you or me, does not exist — though there have been those who believed themselves to be God and masqueraded as one.

First Source is the collective of Sovereign Integrals throughout the multiverse, and that which binds them is Source Intelligence.

Yet, these concepts are not the same.

If one says, “I am self-realized and therefore enlightened,” are they enlightened of the GSSC? Or, are they an experiencer of the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness beyond the HMS?

If it is the latter, you will not find them on book tours, giving lectures, establishing schools or ashrams, speaking in the lecture circuits, creating a spiritual path, healing for big money, profiteering heavily from their experience, or claiming they have special powers that others lack.

We all have special powers, Divine in nature. It is simply a matter of whether or not we choose to source and surface them.


This author realizes, without judgment of any kind, that all of this is hard to accept.

Yet ask yourself: Why does history (“his story”) repeat itself?

You can begin to answer this question by acknowledging that whatever it is we’ve been experiencing can be a lot better, right now.

You might also be wondering: Who created this system, and why?

That is a subject for another time, but it is safe to say that there is a reason why roughly 8500 people control the operations of what we consider to be the world. Why a select few billionaires, trillionaires and quadrillionaires do what they please while the vast majority of the planet suffers… Albeit through their conscious, subconscious or unconscious choosing.

In other words, they know something about us that we don’t.

Mainly, that there is no death. There is the expiration of bodies, within lifetimes and realms, but we are eternal.

The tricky part is whether you, I or anyone of us chooses to live this life under this control system.

Getting over a fear of death is an excellent first step.

As this piece will hopefully help you realize, the control system is far more vast and intricate than anyone would want to believe.

Be that as it may, these same people who “control us” have chosen to be in separation from The Sovereign Integral, from the Source of All That Is, and that is precisely their “weakness”.

In their ongoing quest to be “masters of universes” or God-Philosopher-Kings, their thirst for control and suppression is, at its very essence, their own demise.

Hence why they fight amongst themselves, and we fight amongst ourselves, as reflexive behaviors. “They” also know that each one of us is infinitely powerful, which is why they wish to control us.

And, why they exact that control by getting us to turn on each other.

With that said, some of “them” will choose, and are choosing, to be a part of “us”, as we build alternative systems in accordance with the laws of nature, or Universal Law.

This author has written about what some of this “system of subsystems” looks like.

Keep in mind that “they” adhere to these same Univeral Laws, although they manipulate their uses and create deviations from them. Again, a subject for another time.

Alas, we can place our foci on this transition process.

It is the exact process by which we transition from enslavement to freedom within the power of The Sovereign Integral.

It is also important to point out that while the removal of money and an obsession on material things is perhaps an ideal state of existence, our generational programming of the mind will not allow us to reach this state “right away”, as these respective behaviors are deeply entrenched, and genetically embedded, within us.

In other words, we have quite a lot of inner work to do, to include work with our shadow selves. There is a reason why we are so immature as civilized beings.

Therefore, the “transition away” from the dependencies on money and material things will take some time, although not nearly as long as the millions of years in which it took for us to be enslaved.

Or more pointedly, the time it took for us to enslave ourselves. (One of the ways “they” have thought they can bypass Universal Law, or specifically, what we consider to be Karma.)

One might look at this transition as a “an accelerated baby step” in our own evolutions.

It restarts in the present moment, right now.


As the Sage further explains:

Many will not feel comfortable with the spatial qualities and long horizons of this new era of existence.

They will resist the transparency and expansion because they have come to identify so strongly with their HMS that anything that tears at that identity, threatens what they perceive as their hold on existence.

Others, who are prepared, will easily embody this new era and transition into it like a baby eagle taking its first flight — a little awkward at first, but quickly mastering the required skills. While Earth and Universe Nature play key roles in the liberation maneuver, the preparation of the individual is their own responsibility.

It is a balanced equation: Earth/Nature + Individual Preparation = Sovereign Integral Realization.

Now is where we can bring the mind into rest.

To be clear, the mind, along with the Ego, is no doubt a powerful tool to process the discovery of our true selves, but it is important that we do not continue to let it provide the container by which we think we can make all things happen.

(Admittedly, this is a tougher exercise for this author than it needs to be at this moment in time, as he thinks a lot behind the things he does or manifests ;)

So, let’s visualize the container so that you, I or anyone else can empty it, in any given moment.

This is known as part of The Quantum Pause.

This pause, or suspension of perceived reality, involves revisualization, breathing, and heart alignment.

We fill this container (the mind) with various perceptions of reality.

We fill this container with dualistic perceptions of reality.

We fill this container with perceptions of ourselves.

Now, let’s empty the container.

Focus on the nothingness that is brought about. Try to hold space for that nothingness.

If you observe the images that circle around in your mind when your eyes are closed, you might notice all the signaling and distortion moving about.

In a moment, you can refill it with your own information.


As mentioned earlier, there was a period in which all beings inhabiting this planet moved about in quantum space-time.

In this “grand transition” away from human-mind consciousness substrate, we have an opportunity to return to this quantum state, at any given moment.

Breathing provides us this opportunity.

Per the Sage:

Breath is the way in which the human instrument connects to this origin point anywhere in spacetime. Breath is the portal between the physical dimension and the quantum or interdimensional domains, but it is not the normal, autonomic breathing, rather it is a very specific breathing pattern that we call Quantum Pause.

Quantum Pause is a simple, four-stage process beginning with an in-breath of anywhere between three and six counts, depending on your lung capacity, posture, and degree of privacy. After you have gathered in your breath, breathing through your nose, you hold it (pause) for an equal count, and then exhale through your mouth, again, for the same count, and then hold (pause) for the same count.

The breath pattern is described below using an example of a four count. The key is to maintain symmetry in each of the four segments of the process. If you are using a three count, apply it equally in each segment. It is not essential that you monitor this with precision, instead, apply a casual monitoring of your time for each segment and keep a consistency to the flow.

Breath patterning in The Quantum Pause.

This consolidation period usually lasts about three to five minutes, but there are no set time limits. Use your intuition to guide this period of time. Generally, each repetition of the consolidation, and usually there are four or five, becomes less crowded with thoughts or feelings, and by the time you enter the final consolidation period you have emptied yourself of thoughts and feelings and entered the quantum domain.

The diagram below depicts a typical session of Quantum Pause. Notice there are three cycles of the breath and then a consolidation period in this particular example. This repeats four times. You can have as many as five cycles of breath interspersed with consolidation periods, again, symmetry is important.

You can have as many as five cycles of breath interspersed with consolidation periods. Again, symmetry is important.

The application of Quantum Pause may seem an unlikely way to deactivate the Suppression Framework of the Sovereign Integral and more effectively handle the transition stage we are in, but it is encouraged that you try it for three weeks and see what results you achieve. Only through your own experience can you judge the merit of Quantum Pause.

If, after three weeks of daily practice, you experience a new clarity and connection to your origin point, then you will be motivated to continue, and in this decision you have established your new First Point upon which unconditional oneness, equality and truthfulness can stand.

The sage continues:

When using Quantum Pause, there is a natural tendency to look for the experience of Light or to see new dimensions, speak with Beings or even God, or have a “wow” experience that really confirms that you’re on the right path. The practice of Quantum Pause will bring you new experiences and awareness, but leave your expectations behind. Again, human beings love visual stimuli. They love to see higher dimensions as if seeing is believing. But all that is in the quantum spacetime does not conform to the Human Mind System.

Quantum is origin. It is meta-physical, which precedes visual, acoustic, and sensory data. It precedes feelings and thoughts. It exists before these stimuli and is indeed hidden behind them to some extent.

It is also the means by which we return to our Divinity as sovereign beings.


While we might tend to fight against what the mind wants us to believe, we approach our divinity through the heart and not the head.

One’s intellect can encompass vast amounts of information and knowledge. Our minds, through our brain matter, can process inordinate amounts of data, whether we are conscious of these “microprocesses” or not. Enhancing those microprocesses through nanotechnology, for example, leaves us with even more information, and less wisdom.

We can study all the words of our prophets and scholars, but if we are not expressing the six heart virtues, we have only filled our heads with words, concepts, and intellectual bravado.

The practice consists of:

  • when you apply the heart virtues (or any subset therein) to a particular life situation;
  • which one(s) you apply; and
  • how you express the virtues into that situation.

Appreciation of what you possess internally (your gifts or talents), what you have around you, those you love, and what nature offers you, is consistent acknowledgment of a sovereign, living existence.

Humility brings us back from predominant egoistic traits towards a grounding for what we appreciate.

Valor is the courage, or bravery, by which we “stay on path” and stand down evil, no matter how difficult life’s daily challenges may be.

Compassion enables us to be loving towards people or things we may not understand, while being dispassionate towards evil, or things we simply cannot control, even while we have strong feelings about them.

Understanding is a process of staying curious about new things, while using discernment in assessing what is good for us, versus what might not be beneficial to us in the short or longer term.

Forgiveness of ourselves and others helps us come to a better understanding about the world around us, and what we might be able to do in improving it.

There is no “manual” per se on how to conduct your own practice of the heart, other than to say that you can use your own moral imagination, as applied to your specific circumstances, to cultivate it.

As you do so, you also begin to experience realignment with nature, or the living world.


In our own quests to “get ahead” and “be successful”, or to pursue “more and more material things”, we have also separated from our countenance with nature.

This is also why we try to control it.

The sage continues:

Earth is part of this new transparency. Nature has already donned this new apparel and wears it proudly, but humans have not noticed for our programs lack the perception. It will be, in part, through Nature that the human family will be awakened, and Earth is preparing for this eventuality. When it occurs, it is not because Earth is vengeful, or God, working through Earth, is delivering His wrath. It is Earth/Nature expressing its new transparency and expansion in its own way.

To expand on this a bit, this is a beautiful summary from indigenous leader Edward Johnson Little on the Hopi-Navajo view of The spirituality of Nature, Earth and Universe.

Of note, Little writes:

“As industry and technology have disconnected us from Nature, Earth, Universe, spiritual life, and accelerated the pace of daily Navajo life and Western life, so have they freed many more people than ever before to explore dimensions of the Navajo experience other than survival journey into the twentieth-first century Western non-spiritual life.”


A healthy person grows into individuality, integrating the best of inherited and taught behavior and spirituality, and transcending those parts that no longer serve the mature self.

If we try to transcend only, in a compulsion to separate from the past, we end up damaging parts of ourselves-clan root parts that keep us connected to our basic Nature and our place in the Universe. Yet if we reject the Natural urge toward transcendence and turn around, grabbing on to the past with homesickness, a bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past, we also do violence to life, because life is also movement, creativity, evolution and spirituality of Earth (sacred mountains), Nature, Universe.

To walk the spiritual path is to transcend, pass beyond a human limit. For the person this means evolving beyond the limits of the past, while honoring the wisdom of those who came before, incorporating the voices and traditions of one’s Navajo ancestors, while claiming a unique self-identity.”

The transcendence Little speaks of is in seeking a unique oneness with nature that is self-expressed as a distinct responsibility to nature’s majesty, along with the wisdom traditions that have upheld it.

Notice how often we refer to the wisdom of past leaders, yet we ignore and do not actually apply the guidance they offer us?

Application of this guidance, more so than mere contemplation of it, is the mechanism in which we actualize a better living existence.

Alas, WE ARE actualizing this application of guided truth, even if we are not aware of the progressions in each other’s inner work.


Now we can “refill” the container we previously thought to be the mind — and what has become our ongoing identity structure — with something else.

That “something else” is, of course, pursuant to your own moral imagination.

We return to the empty container of the mind. A blank canvas, of sorts.

It may be filled with something like this…

Or this…

Or this…

Whatever “it” is, it is important that your vision for a world that you desire to live in is actualized by your commitment, practice and love for making it a reality.

Anything borne from love is not only good, but it is real. Regardless of the technologies we use, the money we exchange, or people and the natural resources we summon to build new structures.

This is the mark of the sovereign being.


Now it is apt to integrate the above, and begin anew with our declarations of sovereignty as we forge ahead into a new, better realm of existence.


I AM love.

I AM the light that shines upon the darkness that is perceived to be real.

I AM, in spirit, far more than my mind or my body.

I AM the unique expression of creativity in alliance with nature.

I AM power and the way forward.

I AM all that I AM, and all that I can be.


If you would, sit with what has been written here.

Integrate it.

Question it, as many questions about your own existence are likely to arise.

They certainly have for this author.

It is not important that you consider the HMS (human mind system) as “real” or even a “statement of fact”, but rather a reference point for your own transition away from what you might consider to be confusing, chaotic, painful and unnecessarily unjust.

As the walls of our illusory existence continue to break down — as evidenced by the fall of our trusted institutions — more walls will appear.

This is all a part of our evolutionary process as sovereign beings.

As proven throughout time, there is nothing we cannot handle, even if those challenges are extreme.

In the meantime, you can be present to Your Sovereign Integral, and shape it as a participant in the next phase of our quantum existence.

More soonest.

Blessings to you all.

Our New Nature

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Our New Nature

An applied exploration of unique insights and innovations that help us transform our lives and our work. This publication is a compilation of edited excerpts from the upcoming book, “Our New Nature”, available soon for redistribution and resale revenue on the RAIR platform.

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Our New Nature

An applied exploration of unique insights and innovations that help us transform our lives and our work. This publication is a compilation of edited excerpts from the upcoming book, “Our New Nature”, available soon for redistribution and resale revenue on the RAIR platform.

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