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#BIFINCS16 Incubator Program Spring 2016 | Netherlands

Each year every single one of us comes up with a couple of New Year’s resolutions — quitting smoking, going to the gym at least 3 times a week, reducing the amount of carbs in our meals. After a week, month, maybe two months we say “Well, that was a stupid idea — I will quit smoking next year”. In general, 2640 out of 3000 New Years resolutions fail. Krasue is aiming at fixing this problem. We are thrilled to introduce you to their story.

“In general, 2640 out of 3000 New Years resolutions fail. Krasue is aiming at fixing this problem.”
Krasue developing value proposition @ #BIFINCS16

What is the problem?

“If you hear my story, you just know that my chances of getting a Bachelor’s degree and being admitted to the Masters program at RTWH Aachen, without holding a high school diploma, were close to zero. But I did it! Everyone is able to do it — to improve themselves in the areas they want to improve,” tells us Werner Ulbts, Founder of Krasue. Based on his own story, Werner knows what it means to find the motivation within. He believes that even theoretically impossible-to-achieve goals are actually possible to achieve with motivation and a good strategy. Without finishing high school, with ten years of experience in German air force and with a passion for computers, Werner knew that he wanted to get higher education. Even though receiving a Bachelor’s diploma without “Abitur” (German final exams) is very rare, Werner is now a proud holder of Bachelor in Computer Science and a successful Master student in Automation Technology, at one of the top universities in Germany, RTWH Aachen. His story is a perfect example of something that he wants to change — namely, to help people get the best out of themselves.

Krasueboxes by Krasue

How is the problem solved?

I always wanted to have my own company. Once, I saw a product that inspired me a lot; but I noticed that it was lacking some things…”

Let’s imagine a situation in which you try to go to the gym. You lock your wallet and it will be given back to you if and only if you went to the gym. Sounds crazy enough?

Inspired by the box with a time lock that enabled one to lock up to ten things for ten days, Werner came up with the concept of Krasue. “This box was lacking two main things: it was not smart and it was too expensive”, says Werner. “I said: hey! There must be a better way!”. After some research, he developed a patent-pending lock that motivates people to develop better habits and helps them overcome obstacles that stand in their way to achieve their goals.

Werner talking to his startup’s venture expert about his business model

How does it work?

“For instance, if you want to do sports tonight, your chances of going to the gym are higher if you take a sport bag with you to work and go to the gym right after than if you drop by your place after work to pick up the sport bag.”

Krasue is targeting people with intrinsic motivation, those people who want to change. Concept behind Krasue can be explained in three easy steps: Lock it — Rule it — Break it. You firstly lock the things that distract you from achieving your goals or things that you want to reward yourself with in special Krasueboxes. Secondly, you set rules for a krasuebox. Once the rules are set, the lock will be in operating mode. Should any active rules be overwritten, the Krasuelock has to be unlocked first. If the rule is fulfilled, you can unlock the Krasuelock via the main device. Finally, after achieving your short-term goal, you can reward yourself with things that previously kept you from achieving your goals.

Krasueboxes lock system

There are different rules that can be applied. These include location, time, calories or third party apps. For instance, with the location, in order to open a krasuebox, one has to go to the gym first. With the time rule, you can set that the Krasuebox can be open only in the time frame between 6pm and 9pm. Additionally, you can connect calories and third party-based apps to your phone, smart watch or pedometer.

“There are different rules that can be applied. These include location, time, calories or third party apps.”

Team Motivation

I made a shift in the past weeks. I will focus on people who perceive themselves as addicted to electronic devices.”

For Werner, the past weeks at Brightlands Innovation Factory were decisive. During his customer interviews, he found out that people feel a very strong addiction to electronic devices. Together with the team of freelancers, Werner now aims at focusing on the addiction to electronic devices.

With the need of a new MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Krasue decided to create a new platform with the video animation series in the upcoming months. In these series, he plans to explain what addiction to electronic devices is, how to prevent and cope with it. This way, he will educate his potential customers about the threat of such an addiction.

Werner weekly pitching Krasue @ #BIFINCS16

Future Potential

“I have goals to reach, but I need to stay flexible — things change.”

Krasue focuses not on plans, but on assumptions, which will most probably require adaptation and iteration. In 6 months, Werner aims to have a platform, which will help people find the best strategies to fight the addiction to electronic devices. We believe that with his mindset, positivity and motivation, Werner will go far with Krasue! We wish him all the best of luck with his invention.

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