Our Proximity

What ‘medium’ determines our connectedness now that everything and everyone is?

Dispatch from Creator Culture

The Personal & Creative Power of Daily Life

(This note was spawned from an email exchange with Damien Walter. Thank you, Damien.)

The Beginning of Power

at the threshold of equality

Photo: Sam Panthaky/GettyImages— Indian farmers Hansaben(L), Geetaben (R) and Jesingbhai (C) plough a field in

Bubbles & Foam

Field Notes from the Interconnectathon

In 1995 the internet was barely a postcard. Then, our existing mental models of space and things, our…

Context > < Community

Writing, Simplicity & Practice 

I was recently talking with a friend and writer who had just finished her first novel. She had just heard back…

Flexing the Blur

Adventures in Multiplicity

It occurs to me relationships are momentary lapses. Pet a dog, and it shifts my alert self. Watch a cat loll in my lap, as I…


For the last decade I have been writing a single book of poetry... (it will be good). Over the same period of time I’ve been drawn to data and code.

Are We There Yet?

Recently in the NY Times there was a story about space. It focuses on the work of two Norwegian neuroscientists who have been working on how we know where we are— actually…

Ruffles Have Ridges

In my last post in reference to David Weinberger’s Too Big To Know I wrote:

That the world as ‘too big to know presents’ a ‘ruffle’ on the edge…

Hello World

David Weinberger is a senior researcher at the Berkman Center and “writes on the effect of technology on ideas.” He has several interesting books. Too Big to Know is one. I like it…

Life is an Open Event

In light of the events of this week (Boston) I’m trying to untangle the knots and strands into some coherent story line, or lifeline. I’m doing this not just to make…

Our Proximity
Our Proximity

What ‘medium’ determines our connectedness now that everything and everyone is?

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