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Joe Biden should not be asking — What Did I Do Wrong?

Hunter Biden’s mother is dead. Death saved her from being blamed for his decision. Life will not save his father!

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Denise screamed when Justice Colin Golding said, “this court sentence you to twenty-five years to life for the murder of a woman who has been good to you.”

Faye, her rock and only friend, held her before she slid off the bench. While she sobbed uncontrollably, supported in an upright position by Faye, silence entered as all eyes beheld her.

“Mrs. Lennon,” Justice Golding broke the silence, “the court will give you a few minutes with your daughter before the bailiff takes her away.”

Wiping the tears away, with the help of Faye, Denise stood up, fighting the pain, “Thank you, sir.”

With Faye’s support, she was led to a private room. The bailiff allowed Faye in.

Facing her only child wrapped up in pain and disappointment, knowing in her heart that this might be the last time she sees her, “how did you get here?”

Corey stared back at her mother. Her handcuffed hands rested on the table while she swayed her chained feet under the table.

“I walked,” she taunts, throwing a dagger into her mother’s heart.

She sighed, absorbing the hate and agony her only child shared, “For all the sacrifices I made for you. The opportunities I gave you. The love, kindness, discipline, respect, and good intentions I raised you with.”

“I guess you didn’t do a good job as you thought,” she threw her second dagger.

Her words push Denise’s body back into the chair, but she bounces back with Faye’s support.

“The discipline and all of the good things my mother and grandmother taught me that I instilled in you, and you still end up in the wrong place.”

The third dagger tore Denise’s heart apart, “the wrong place for whom? What, you don’t think you had a hand in me getting twenty-five years?”

Faye held on to the dagger before it could inflict her friend’s major arteries, “Girl,” taking Denise’s hand, “for centuries, mothers have been blaming themselves for decisions their adult children made.” She aimed her eyes at Corey like a gun to its target. “Our grandmothers were friends, and so are our mothers. Now we are friends, and I helped raise you. I will be damned if you are going to blame any of us for the destiny you created for yourself.”

Faye’s words ignited a fire in Corey’s eyes. Faye continues to feed the flames in revenge.

Turning to her best friend, she said, “She being here, has nothing to do with you. For years other family members and I did their best to keep her on the right path. Only to find out that all of our efforts were delaying Fate. Nothing we did could have saved her. Because the evil part of her didn’t come from you!”

“Then where did it come from?” Corey fired.

With renewed strength given by Faye, she removed the dagger, “You are here because of your actions, choices, and decisions, which have created history in our family. No one else has done what you have.”

With a smile, she took Faye’s hands and said, “You are right. The evil part of her didn’t come from me. Thank you for reminding me.”

Denise kissed her only child goodbye and walked out with strength she didn’t walk in with.

This piece is nonfiction.

Many parents asked themselves, ‘what did I do wrong?’

Joe Biden is probably asking himself this question. He shouldn’t.

He will be judged and criticized for the action, choice, and decision of a child over fifty years old.

Most parents teach their children the best of what was taught to them. I did. I refused to take responsibility for what my adult children did with their life. I can say this because I was an active parent in my children’s life.

Many parents did nothing wrong. Adults are responsible for their actions.

So before you start judging, step back into your life and childhood and take responsibility for your actions, choices, and decisions. Yes, blame is lighter when shared. But you will be denying yourself vital life lessons if you learn nothing. Rich or poor, black or white, we will face life obstacles with different coping mechanisms. Adopting the proper coping mechanisms shows strength. The wrong way is a cry for help. Understand and help, don’t judge!

From one parent to another, my prayers are with the Biden family and every family facing a crisis created by adult children.

Hunter Biden’s mother is dead. Death saved her from being blamed for his decision. Life will not save his father!

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it and will savor more from some talented writers on this platform.




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