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What Happened When I Trusted The Universe

Yes, the Universe — and my mom — had the last laugh

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I am a believer, mostly, in good things, the Universe, positive thinking…you know what I mean. While I am optimistic, I also tend to be realistic. My Mom would always laugh at me when I wanted proof for something. She’d simply place her hand on her heart and say, if it feels right there and the head doesn’t argue too much, that’s reasonable proof to have faith.

It isn’t like I am wholly skeptical — I just find it easier to accept the abstract when there’s proof. And yes, I’ve had plenty. I remember a comedy scene in a movie where someone says he won’t believe what he can’t see and the other guy says: “You can’t see God, does that mean you don’t believe there’s one? You can’t see air, does that mean you won’t believe it exists? You can’t see love, does that mean you won’t accept it is there?” and goes on and on. Quite funny.

Faith is like that. I still secretly think, sometimes, let it happen then we’ll see.

I am pretty sure my mom is laughing every time I get my so-called proof. One incident stands out in my head — probably because I was going through my closet and found a particular t-shirt I was looking for. You know how it is, you hold a garment and the memories flood in.

It was a normal day like any other. After sending my son off to school, I went about my morning routine and settled down to work around 10 am. A bit later than the usual 9 am, being a Monday, because I rather like to do some speed-cleaning on Monday mornings. Could be the music in my head or simply the energetic feeling Monday brings. No blues here — unless we’re talking about what color am wearing.

So — a peaceful morning ensued. I worked. I had the music on.

Photo by Dave Weatherall on Unsplash

At 11 am, I got up to stretch and move and decided to shower. I did. And dressed in a rather nifty full-sleeved black t-shirt. I love it. Across the front, it has an elegant strip of thumbnails of Michael Jackson. (this is the t-shirt that triggered this memory). Paired with a pair of snug faded dark blue jeans I felt pretty good and humming a happy tune, I resumed work.

Took a brief break for lunch at 1 pm

At 2 pm, I wandered around the house and decided to head off to my son’s school. With a song on my lips — I am a habitual hummer — and I am pretty sure I had a spring in my step — I grabbed my bag and hoisted it on my shoulder. Slipped into my shoes, happily thinking how pleasant my shampoo’s fragrance was . . . and also congratulating myself for buying that new kohl pencil that promised not to smudge. It did not.

Feeling rather cool, I caught my reflection in the bookshelf glass, admired myself for a second, and sashayed out the front door, smiling.

So imagine my shock when my front door did the dirty on me and banged shut. I was stunned. I thought, what the what? It never does that. Something about the mechanism — and it never auto-shuts.

So why now?

Oh well, I thought.

I noticed my neighbor peeking out his door and smiled at him and dug into my bag for the keys . . . remembering too late that I had meant to pick them up from the table. I hadn’t.

Photo by My Foto Canva on Unsplash

So…yes, people. I was locked out of my own house. With two pairs of keys probably laughing their heads off inside. I then recalled that as I walked in the door in the morning, my landline had been ringing and I had dropped my bag and keys on the table to pick up the call. I usually put the keys back inside my bag. But that morning, I hadn’t.


My neighbor was watching me and asked, now what? I guess I looked a bit panicked. My mind was racing, however — and I told him I’d call someone to pick the lock. He offered to make the call — urging me to carry on to school, the kind soul. I tried to calm down. I did count to a 100 before my pulse rate returned to a reasonable normal.

I took the bus.
I went to school.
Met my son and told him what happened.
He asked, what to do now?
I told him let’s take one thing at a time.

And he said — don’t worry Mom, everything will be okay.
I smiled.
We took the bus home.
Got off at our place.

Instead of heading home, I took him to the bakery across the road.

After all, my kid had just returned from school. We were locked out. Also, all problems taste better on a full tummy.

So I got my son something to eat.

Photo by Karthik Garikapati on Unsplash

While we waited, I saw his lips moving fervently and when I caught his eye and raised an eyebrow, he signed to me to say he’s praying. Ah, well.

Then we came back home to see if the neighbor had had any luck with the Lock Picking Man. Turned out he was out of town or that’s what whoever answered his phone said.

Now, this Man had helped us unlock our door about 14 years ago — which is why I thought of him. That is another funny story — that time, we were locked inside the house. Yeah, nobody can say we lead a boring life.

Anyway. Now we had no choice but to walk to the nearby market and find the locksmith. The problem with these guys is — they hardly stay put in one place. We had to try nevertheless . . . so after leaving my son’s schoolbags in the neighbor’s house, we set off.

As we stepped out of the building, my son put his hand on my arm and said, “Mi, please repeat this prayer after me” and chanted. Automatically I responded. Then he said, “Have faith. The right solution will come”.

I was thinking, please, a miracle — at least for his sake!

See, logically we could have waited a couple of hours for Sury to return home from work. But as luck would have it, he was out of town and was expected back the following week.

We were about to cross the road when who should we see riding on his two-wheeler towards us but the Man — the repair guy. The guy I was trying to contact! I could have wept for joy. Come to think of it, I probably did. I am sure he was sent to me in answer to my son’s prayers.

Arms flailing, I said, “stop stop stop” and he did. Probably thought I was out of my mind, which, heh, I probably was — and the moment he parked his two-wheeler, I told him what happened.

Full of hope, the three of us returned home. And of course, I told him not to damage the door as we recently had it renovated.

He smiled at me and asked if my balcony door was open — at the back of the house. Rolling my eyes, I said, of course not. But suddenly remembered that today, of all days, it was open. Serendipity? Only the outer mesh door was latched.

Then I understood why he asked. He was planning to access our balcony through our neighbor’s and try to open that mesh door to get into the house! Luckily the neighbors were home. He managed to get into our balcony across the chasm separating the two second-floor flats as we watched with our hearts in our mouths.

With an old metal handle that I had never gotten rid of, hoarder that I am, he managed to unlatch the mesh door. And walked through to the front door to let us in.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

If this is not a miracle, I don’t know what is. So many things could have gone wrong. But they didn’t.

We took stock of the silver linings in the situation:

  • I had my purse, so cash
  • I had my phone
  • I had a book to read
  • Son and I were both together and not exactly helpless
  • The neighbors were home, and we could access our verandah
  • I hadn’t shut the verandah door as I usually did before going out. Thank God for being careless.
  • We had both eaten lunch and had cash in case it was likely to take some time to open the door.
  • Son had his school books — in case he wanted to get started with his homework or study for a test. Which he didn’t of course. Just sayin’!
  • We had a lovely terrace where we could go and sit comfortably — under the water tank until it cooled a bit

So it really wasn’t a dire situation. But I am somehow convinced, yet again, that keeping the faith through prayer kept us positive. And personally, I believe that prayer just helps us single-mindedly focus on something we want, forcing it to happen. That’s my theory and I am not budging from it.

Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness

As these experiences add up, they strengthen my tendency to think positively and work towards the outcome I want. I am grateful to my son for keeping the faith unwaveringly in tough situations.

What do you think?

Have you faced a situation that looked bleak? How did you handle it? I would love to know!



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