Dubai STEP 2019 — A conference to remember!

STEP is the annual technical conference, aimed to gather the start-ups’ representatives, entrepreneurs, and investors in order to exchange their knowledge and learn some new information from the competitors, partners, and other stakeholders.

Before we move to the Primpy STEP 2019 conference review, it is worth describing the conference itself. More than 7 years ago STEP conference was nothing like it turned to be nowadays. Initially, all the interested participants were taking part in the small theme-based workshops, obtaining some new ideas and insights for their own businesses.

Currently, this conference gathers more than 6 hundred attendees annually, who conduct approximately 250 showcases during only two days. The greatest minds and enthusiasts get together to change the business world for the better: both from the engineering aspect and the financial one. Among them, you can listen to the speakers from Microsoft, Uber, IBM, Visa, PepsiCo, Nestle, Nokia, and many others and gain a lot of inspiration for your own business.

The most successful and prominent tech leaders share the unique content related to the innovations from the various domains: finances, programming tendencies, artificial intelligence, initiatives for smart cities and transport system, that requires remodelling. All these workshops are grouped into the next conferences, known around the world: STEP Money and STEP X, STEP Digital and STEP Start.

How exactly is organized the STEP conference?

All its events can be divided into the next types:

  • Workshops and talks: in order to conduct the desired number of the workshops and cover the most demanded topics, the organizers provide 4 scenes for the speakers to convey the presentations simultaneously.
  • Start-up development: all modern start-up owners, who are interested in effective business models, know that facilitation with the clients, partners or investors is one of the important keys to the significant achievements in the field. That is why start-up meet-ups are so important during this conference for gaining some experience and showcasing their products or solutions to the interested investors.
  • Exhibitions: companies and brands organize the exhibitions as the key facet of their considered marketing strategy. So such an opportunity to showcase the business is the good promotion for the product. Apart from them, communication and networking during the exhibition can also bring values into your business.
  • Brands’ presentations: it is always important to be one of the first users of the solutions, presented by the brands, tech and financial companies, IT start-ups. The attendees of the conference can interact with the showcased products and experience the innovations among the first.
  • Entertainment opportunities: sometimes STEP is called the festival, it is done for a reason: after the long interesting meet-ups, when the brain activity exhausts the participants, it is very important to switch to some entertainment activities, renew the energy and get back to the intellectual work. For this purpose, the organizers provide the attendees with extra time for the networking, concerts, food and outdoor activities.

We were present at the conference both on the 13th and the 14th of February. The first day of the STEP 2019 started for us from the entertaining speaker events, effective workshops, that we attended, and truly interesting projects, that were demonstrated. We have got a lot of inspiration during this day.

Moreover, on the 13th of February, we have distributed the Lucky coupons, so on the 14th during the Lucky coupon draw some of them could be exchanged to the Slovenian home-made jam as the sweet incentive.

On the 14th of February 2019, our Primpy platform was presented at the STEP conference. The Primpy booth was located at STEP Start arena. The location was absolutely great. The lake nearby created the unique atmosphere and definitely nice vibes during this day.

More significantly, Primpy has got a lot of attention from potential investors and vendors. That was the breakthrough for our business and we see the accelerated trajectory of our further growth.

We have collected some feedback for the STEP 2019 that might be useful for further attendees, who want to make their brands to be recognizable and to develop their businesses sharply. The main points are listed below:

  • A lot of venture capitalists and investors visited the STEP 2019 conference, showing their genuine interest to the showcased brands and speakers.
  • Moreover, a lot of the really interesting solutions and products were presented that creates a dynamic competitive environment for all the entrepreneurs.
  • The event space was very neat, tidy and well-organized.
  • From a business point of view, we have gained a lot of new contacts and networked with important investors, so it provides the Primpy with the motivation for the next developments steps and growth.
  • In addition to that, there were some issues with the booth relocation, which is not really convenient for participants as some investors or contacts may lose our booth and we could miss the potential stakeholders and VCs. That was a single drawback and we hope that that will be fixed down the line.
We were very excited to take part in the STEP 2019 conference among the most successful businesses all over the world, connecting and getting contacts with the prospective investors to our platform. We are looking forward to participating in the next conference and getting in touch with people, who are interested in such prominent start-ups as the Primpy platform.