Our University-Culture: Introduction

“A society is guided by its ruling philosophy — the prevailing conception of the “good” social order. Some political-economic philosophy must be the basis for intelligent social policy. Forthright and continuing discussion is necessary if this conception is to serve as a clear and coherent guide on numerous particular issues. Otherwise, statesmen and citizens will continue to lose their bearings amid the economic and social…




US culture is increasingly created and and influenced by our universities.

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#नाथूराम_गोडसे_जिंदाबाद or ‘Hail Nathuram Godse’ trending on social media on Mahatma Gandhi’s…

#नाथूराम_गोडसे_जिंदाबाद or 'Hail Nathuram Godse' trending on social media on Mahatma Gandhi's birthday is a cry to publish the history of all

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Troy Camplin

Troy Camplin

I am the author of “Diaphysics” and the novel “Hear the Screams of the Butterfly.” I am a consultant, poet, playwright, novelist, and interdisciplinary scholar.

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