Portraits of Bali

A gallery of images from the Indonesian island.

Bali was the final stop during my five months living in South East Asia. I still have conflicted feelings about the experience, but there were certainly moments which took my breath away. I’ve chosen to share those images with you below.

To me, Bali is to Australia what Hawaii has become to the US. The beaches are lined by giant guesthouses and resorts, centering around the boom in tourism. The cultural practices felt like more of a performance than an honest observance of day to day life. I can’t say that I will ever go back, but I’m happy to have experienced it.

The first half is a collection of images from Ubub and the second half were taken on a island off of Bali’s coast.

All photos taken by Hayli Nicole 🌍 and Copyright of Til Death Do We Travel.

Hayli Nicole is a travel photographer and writer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. After suffering from a Pulmonary Embolism in 2012, she used her near death experience to expedite her dreams. She’s been stepping out into the world every day since.

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