Traveling the World

A collection of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.

I like to define myself as a traveller: I visit new places every time that I can. During my trips, I love to capture every moment and every beautiful place I happen to see. Essentially my gallery is a collection of the best shots taken during my journeys. My goal is to give other people a taste of how the place is (better yet, how I see it), and maybe encourage them to visit. My trips usually take place in cities or generally in man-made places.
I am an art student, and I prefer photography and architecture the most. This explains why most of my images are taken in cities, I suppose.

All photos are Copyright of Matteo Peluzzi. You can follow him on Instagram here.

Matteo is an 18 year old art student currently studying in Milan, Italy. After high school, he plans to study Graphic Design and Art Direction at NABA; a prestigious academy in Milan. He has studied a bit of photography at school in the last two years, but he is mostly self taught. You can find more of his beautiful work and snapshots from his travels on his Instagram account.