Changing Lives Kick-Off

Please join us July 12th for a kick-off celebration of Center for Human Services’ (CHS) Changing Lives program, a fundraising program for kids.

Did you know that Center for Human Services (CHS) has a fundraising program for kids? Young donors ages 0–17 can participate in our Changing Lives campaign to collect change to change lives. CHS provides each participant with a jar to collect their change as well as an informational sheet about CHS so that they know what programs their change will help support.

Every few months, CHS holds a donor appreciation party for the kids who participate in the program to drop off their jars and have their change counted. Kids who would like to participate in the program can also pick up jars at this time. Donor appreciation parties are fun gatherings to celebrate the young philanthropists in our community. Each party has a theme with snacks and activities related to that theme. Past themes have been milk and cookies, popcorn and movies, and peanut butter and jelly.

If you know a young philanthropist who would like to participate, call Diana Gonzalez, CHS Development Specialist, at (209) 526–1476 x 197 to reserve a jar.

Learn more about the Changing Lives program on our website here: