Pathways to Progress

Meet Matthew. Matthew is 23 years old and recently moved out of Pathways, our transitional housing facility for 18–21 year olds experiencing homelessness. He now lives in permanent housing. We sat down with Matthew to talk about his experience at Pathways, MJC and his plans for the future.

Matthew lived at Pathways from January 2015 to March 2016 and it was the first time he had ever lived on his own. “It was a tough adjustment to the rules in the beginning,” he said, “but living at Pathways taught me discipline, money management and how to maintain a household.” While living at Pathways, Matthew began working at the Dollar General where he continues working today. He was also attending classes at MJC, from where he graduated this spring with his Associate Degree in Computer Graphics.

He is excited to have graduated because he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. “There are lots of job opportunities,” he said, “graduating is a step in the right direction.” He is exploring different job options and even met a coworker who has experience in video production and web design, both of which are fields that interest him.

Matthew has made a tremendous amount of progress in just a short time between moving into his own apartment and graduating from MJC . When we asked what progress means to him, Matthew answered “Progress means being able to get somewhere, to be stable and stand on your own two feet. It means to walk on your own.” Matthew is certainly walking on his own, and his stride will only quicken with time.

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