Why Should I Buy A Ticket?

The price of an Edible Extravaganza ticket is $45. That ticket allows guests to taste samples from over 50 local food and beverage makers as well as enjoy live music and a night full of fun at the Centre Plaza. But you know that already…

What you may not know is what your ticket money makes possible in our community.

Who We Are

Center for Human Services (CHS) is a local nonprofit that has been operating in Stanislaus County since 1970. Our mission is to change lives and build futures through programs that strengthen and support youth and families. We work on fulfilling this mission through prevention, education, treatment, counselling and shelter services.

What We Do

CHS believes that everyone has the ability to change and grow, but in order to do so, they need a safe environment and the capacity to protect and support their families. We view people in terms of their strengths, but know that sometimes people are not ready to change and grow. They have to choose to change. We provide a space to help people build skills and confidence to make a change in their own lives. We help people help themselves. CHS provides services in six core program areas:

1. Youth and School Based Services- At CHS, we offer many programs specifically for youth. The Student Assistance program offers non-clinical academic and emotional support for students K-12 at school sites. Students can meet with Student Assistance specialists once a week for 6–8 weeks per issue. Sessions are free and students can self-refer or be referred by a parent or teacher. The Graduation Coach program is funded by United Way and targets students in seventh grade who may already be at risk of dropping out and connects them with a mentor who meets with them regularly to help improve their behavior, attendance and academic and emotional well being. Graduation Coaches also act as liaisons between parents and schools to keep parents informed and able to provide academic support at home. Besides school programs, we offer a number of leadership development programs including: the Community Youth Connection which is an adult supported, youth run community service group, Friday Night Live which engages young people in advocacy regarding issues such as underage drinking and the Summer Entrepreneurship Academy which helps youth learn business and marketing skills.

2. Family Resource Centers- We operate four family resource centers in Ceres, Newman, Oakdale and Patterson. These serve as one stop shops for families to go in times of need. Families can go get emergency bags of food and clothing in crisis as well as receive long term support such as weekly parenting classes, school readiness classes for children 0–5 and mental health counseling. Family Resource Centers are places to receive concrete support and foster social ties with other families in the community.

3. Mental Health Counseling- Adolescents, adults, couples and families can receive free or low cost mental health support through our counseling services. Mental health counseling is available at our community clinic, at family resource centers and at school sites. Assessment and treatment are available in individual and group sessions for a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, anger management and more.

4. Drug and Alcohol Treatment- CHS provides drug and alcohol education, prevention, intervention and treatment group services for adolescents and adults. We also partner with Sierra Vista Child and Family Services to offer a program called First Step, a one year program for pregnant women or new mothers who are struggling with drug and alcohol use.

5. Shelter Services-We operate two shelters for young people: Hutton House and Pathways. Hutton House is a temporary shelter for 13–17 year olds who have runaway or are experiencing crisis. Pathways is a transitional living facility for 18–21 year olds who are experiencing homelessness to live rent free for up to 21 months. Hutton House and Pathways provide a safe space for young people to build life skills and confidence in themselves.

6. Community Projects and Initiatives-As an organization we value partnerships. We think our community is strongest when people share their resources and skills with one another to create change. We participate in a number of community initiatives and projects including Cultiva La Salud, the On My Shoulders Father Support Group and Love Our Schools. Cultiva La Salud is a Central Valley initiative to encourage healthy lifestyles by making fresh food and outlets for exercise more accessible in our community. On My Shoulders is a support group for non-custodial fathers to help them learn emotional coping mechanisms and create opportunities to help them reconnect to their children and be a good father. It is part of a federal case study called Pathways to Self-Sufficiency. Love Our Schools is a partnership with Garrison Elementary through which we work together to identify the school’s needs and combine our resources to help further engage parents and give students more support toward academic success.

Why It Matters

At CHS, we don’t believe in “us” and “them.” In our community, there is no other; there is no them. There is only we and us. Clients of CHS are our friends, our families and our neighbors. Families are the foundation of our community. When families are strong, our community is strong. By supporting CHS, you are supporting our community. For $45 you help support all the programs listed above and more. You connect to our community. You support the “ we” of our community, and that is much bigger than the I or the you.

We would love to show you more of what we do. If you are interested in learning more information visit www.centerforhumanservices.org or if you are interested in taking an agency tour call Elizabeth Rowan, Public Relations Specialist, at (209) 526–1476 x 116.

Purchase tickets for Edible Extravaganza here: www.edible2016.eventbrite.com

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