Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. At CHS, we have a variety of programs for women offered at many of our sites. In this article, we will be discussing some or our programs specifically for women. To learn more about all of our programs visit www.centerforhumanservices.org.

Healthy Birth Outcomes

Healthy Birth Outcomes (HBO) is a program offered at all four of our Family Resource Centers (Ceres, Newman, Oakdale and Patterson). HBO is a support group for women who are pregnant or have an infant 0–1 year old. Women in the program learn how to have a healthy pregnancy, learn parenting skills, get connected to helpful community resources and meet other moms. Moms in HBO can move with their child through other school readiness classes for 0–1, 1–3 and 3–5 year olds at each of the Family Resource Centers as their baby gets older.

First Step

First Step is a partnership program with Sierra Vista Child and Family Services. First Step is a program for women struggling with substance abuse and who are pregnant or have a child 0–5 years old. The goal of the program is to help women maintain a sober lifestyle, work on interpersonal relationships and establish a nurturing and safe home environment for their children.

Gender Responsive Alternatives to Detention

The Girl’s Juvenile Justice Initiative (GJJI) is a Stanislaus County initiative that is a collaborative effort between Stanislaus County Probation Department, Prison Law Office, the National Center for Crime and Delinquency and the Youth Justice Institute to evaluate the unmet needs of juvenile girls in the justice system. Through the GJJI, the Gender Responsive Alternatives to Detention (GRAD) program was developed. The GRAD program is for juvenile girls, 13 to 18, who are on formal probation. The goal is to offer an alternative to Juvenile Hall for girls who are in the justice system and have experienced some sort of trauma in their life. The girls attend a number of groups and programs including but not limited to body image groups, shelter services tours and job search classes. For more information click here.

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