Image Credit: GiantOddArchaeopteryx

The new medium in art is gaming. Game developers have become modern day rock stars by combining visual and audio effects thereby creating a new interactive experience. And this medium is continually being pushed to see how far we can take it.

Recently, I’ve come across 5 amazing websites for people who love art and gaming. Here they are:


Arkadia Zoomquilt (

Image Credit: Nikki Baumgarten

Nikolaus Baumgarten and Sophia Schomberg are from Berlin Germany. They specialize in an art form called “zoom quilts” which is an infinitely zooming image. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Fire Fluid Simulation 3 (escape emotions)

Image Credit: Peter Blaskovic

Peter Blaskovic specializes in programming in something called Processing. Processing is a flexible software for coding in visual arts. Apparently, you can do some pretty cool stuff with it.


Where is the red? (Butchers Workshop)

Image Credit: ButchersWorkshop

ButchersWorkshop is an indie game developer from Pecs, Hungary who is currently working on a web-based space game called Exiammea. Of course I had to post this in reference to ourWorld’s Buzz cup game. My best level is 7.


8-bit Canvas Cycle (Effect Games)

Image Credit: Mark Ferrari

Joseph Huckaby coded this beautiful application with artwork done by Mark Ferrari. I love Mark’s quote here, “Some regard the arts as frivolous distractions, but from where I stand ‘art’ is at the center of human nature and progress — the essential source of even our most practical achievements.” Mark Ferrari has instantly become one of my favorite artists. Simply beautiful.


Coding Game (coding game)

Do you like riddles? Then coding may be for you. Coding game helps programmers continually improve their skill by offering challenging puzzles. Coding is like a game in itself; if you enjoy playing logic games in your head.

Do you like games more or art more?

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