Welcome to the fourth edition of the OGC Podcast. This week, Donny talks about Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul’s relationship. He also speaks on the latest drama involving ourWorld. People are wondering what has happened to ourWorld since they are banning some of their better players. The game is dead. Here are links to the stories:

Other news that was talked about involved the number 1 YouTuber: Logan Paul. He isn’t exactly dating Chloe Bennet, but it would seem that way.

Here are some other stories that our OGC readers found somewhat interesting or entertaining:

As always, here’s the weekly rundown of how ourGemCodes is doing.

We always give you a rundown of what’s happening on ourgemcodes and Donny Pie projects. In the past 6 days, we’ve gone from 495 members to over 600 members. These numbers are actually down by 40% versus last week. However, despite this, ourGemCodes has seen a significant increase in traffic verses the prior week. Numbers should continue increasing as long as we steadily post.

  • New comment features should re-engage users
  • Membership pages have been edited now
  • Our game pages are currently being updated
  • Consistent posting is hapenning daily

As more members continue to join ourgemcodes, more incentives will be made available in our rewards store. Thank you for supporting Donny Pie projects.

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