The ultimate battle of the most successful YouTube brothers.
 Vote on you think is better: Logan Paul versus Jake Paul

In the past month, ourGemCodes has covered the new viral sensations being the Paul brothers. The two have found themselves in a ton of drama recently and with who? The brothers have been fighting each other! It makes one think: was this all setup?

It seems too good to be true. But it was exposed that the two brothers were setting up pranks for months. How did this all begin?

Well, Jake Paul released a song dissing his older brother. And before this, Jake was throwing shade at his ex-girlfriend. Jake is on that IDGAF attitude. At the time of this post, he is in trouble for causing his neighbors problems.

Soon after the song dropped, Logan Paul responded with a savage song. He didn’t release the #second-verse but we have it here. Check it out:

So the only question is… who do you like more? Logan Paul or Jake Paul? Both are getting their fair share of hate since they’re number 1 now. Vote below!

Are you in the Logang or are you a Jake Pauler?

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