Global Goal 05: Gender Equality (“and” instead of “vs”)

From playing the flute 3rd grade through high school to being labeled as “one of the gals” by my buddies after college, I’ve always legitimately enjoyed having female friends. That being said, I’m not going to try and explain the severity of the gender gap, because I admittedly don’t know all of the details. Instead, I’ll just dive into norm’s evolution to try and make sense of why I feel gender equality is so important.

Initially, norm was a nonprofit, 501c3. While it was started with the best intentions, we eventually realized that we needed to also form a for-profit company to give all of our future plans a chance. In hopes of building a stronger startup, we shifted focus from our dream as a nonprofit to our strategy as a for-profit. During this shift, we learned web development, sales, and marketing in order to finish our web app, but we were still missing something.

Once we gave ourselves time to learn the creative process for norm’s rebrand, we were finally able discover who we were and what we wanted to become…we discovered our full potential.

norm has taught us that it was never for-profit vs nonprofit, web development vs design, or left brain vs right brain…it was important to understand that both sides offered something unique to complete the picture. So when I think of Global Goal 05, I think of ensuring men and women are valued equally in hopes of discovering our full potential as a society.

Global Goal 05 — Gender Equality: #whatsYourNorm?

My perspective on why I think Gender Equality is essential for all of us. (Global Goal 05 was developed as a part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We centered norm around these goals after reading Issue 05 of CONSCIOUS Magazine)