Global Goal 09: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (Moving forward and looking back)

#myNorm: Accessibility — Can we relentlessly innovate without leaving others behind?

I see strengthening a society’s infrastructure as one of the top ways to ensure it thrives. Whether we’re heating our homes, getting our groceries delivered, or hailing a cab with our phones, a strong infrastructure makes whatever we want more accessible. With everyday burdens removed from our lives, we can focus on our passions.

Personally, I’ve always had a strong passion for pushing science and technology forward, and more recently, I’ve developed a much stronger passion for philanthropy. I regularly feel pulled in two different directions, because the tech industry is consistently criticized for leaving others behind in its relentless pursuit of what’s next. (ex. Why explore space when we have so many people living in extreme poverty on Earth?)

We created normConnect to become the link between innovation and philanthropy. The more connections we make between transformative companies and relevant Global Goals, the stronger the infrastructure for our positive impact becomes. Instead of abandoning radical new ideas that push society forward in favor of helping those less fortunate, norm hopes to foster an innovative culture that can simultaneously dream of what progress look like for ourselves and others.

Global Goal 09 — Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure: #whatsYourNorm?

My perspective on how norm can become the infrastructure for our positive impact. (Global Goal 09 was developed as a part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We centered norm around these goals after reading Issue 05 of CONSCIOUS Magazine)

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