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OuroX is a FinTech startup focused initially on the Caribbean and Latin America, then the World. They launched their exchange this month. It began as part of a broader vision by co-founders Maya Parbhoe, Serge Tjin Wong Joe, and Gian Baldew.

Their team is a dynamic group of young, successful, ambitious go-getters who anyone would love to crack a beer or shoot a gun with. (Maya and Serge are practical shooters, so yeah, it could happen.)

OuroX couldn’t happen without partners. At least not at the level and speed at which the platform has come to life. We select partners on a few criteria. First, we rate performance and track record; how has the potential partner proven themselves in their arena? Second, we scan reputation; how have previous clients benefited from the relationship? This isn’t about feelings, it’s about positive gain. Okay, maybe a little about feelings. And third, we assess integrity; sometimes eye-to-eye, belly-to-belly, instinct raising-the-hair-on-your-neck kind of an assessment.

The Matching Engine

We met with AlphaPoint in New York to discuss partnering on developing the exchange trading platform, with their top of the line matching engine. We knew it was the core of the exchange and it had to be stable, secure and able to scale. We’re prioritizing customer experience, and AlphaPoint has a reputation for delivering excellent backend systems and working closely with partners.

This meeting made the entire OuroX vision a certainty. AlphaPoint team members carefully considered all of the project parameters. They pushed back in constructive ways ultimately driving to the most robust and agile platform we could design for the region. Throughout these meetings they proved to be reliable, innovative, transparent, and efficient. But the integrity of their team and their tech are what has kept us excited for our involved collaboration.

AML (Anti Money Laundering)

You might have read in our Telegram that OuroX takes a proactive stance on regulations. Anti-Money Laundering tech is critical for a modern exchange designed to handle up to a million transactions per second. We selected Chainalysis for AML, because of their prior partnerships with governments and international criminal investigation networks, and their commitment to ending money laundering.

They’re a sharp group and helped us answer some complex issues in elegant ways.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

We’ve partnered with IdentityMind for KYC and again, we’ve been pleased with the dynamic working together. Compliance on a financial platform is paramount, and they’re committed to the task. Their blog has some interesting perspectives on the outcomes their technology supports, like bringing an end to human trafficking and illegal arms dealing.

We launched OuroX because as residents of Latin America and the Caribbean we recognized the immense value an easy-to-use platform would provide. We reviewed our concerns with the team at IdentityMind and employed their suggestions readily.

Having the compliance covered to this degree is reassuring for us.

Digital Marketing and Investor Acquisition

For marketing the platform raise, we partnered with Digital Niche Agency (DNA) in Playa Vista, California. We met at CryptoCon in mid-October and were impressed with how familiar they were with our type of technology and our planned raise on StartEngine. They’ve worked long and hard just like we have and have helped us with messaging, graphics, ad campaigns, editorial videos, these blog posts. Yes, they ghostwrite these for us. I know, so meta, right?

What impressed us about them is that, despite their in-depth knowledge of crowdfunding raises, blockchain technology, and digital assets, they believe people connect with brands, products, and services on a human level. They’ve focused on sharing outcomes alongside technical jargon to keep everyday enthusiasts involved. They’ve focused our ad campaigns on targeted investor pools and helped discover our ideal prospects.

It’s been a fantastic journey so far, one we couldn’t have completed this way without our partners. Partnerships take work. Some days are a breeze, others are a real effort. Communication can take turns and twists and bring surprises. Fortunately, we’ve had partners who believe in being easy to work with, communicating early, and doing more than expected. Most importantly, they believe in us.

As OuroX rolls out OuroPay (our payment app), and Fuente (our multi-vendor marketplace), we will continue to partner strategically with service providers who meet or exceed our expectations. We’ll announce those partnerships as they arise and impact the unfolding landscape of our enterprise.

The Launch!

We’re just a few weeks out from the Official Launch of our platform (Feb 1). The soft launch and beta-testing are going very well. We’re a month into our open raise on StartEngine, and that is going well. We’re scheduling more one-on-one investor meetings as well as signing regional business accounts for our FinTech startup. We’ve been working non-stop on all the elements to have them align just right, and so far, it’s working.

Without our partners, I don’t know where we’d be on this. Hopefully, they know how proud we are to be partnered with them specifically. Hopefully, they read this.

Thank you for reading this. Give it a clap while you’re at it. We appreciate you.

The OuroX Blog

Stories from the best FinTech company in LatAm and the Caribbean


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Changing the way people interact financially starting with the Caribbean and Latin America

The OuroX Blog

Stories from the best FinTech company in LatAm and the Caribbean

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