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We’re so excited this day has come. We’ve been working long hours to prepare our platform for this soft-launch. Some of us have even come down with something. Regardless, we’re proud to share OUROX for testing to friends, family, and fans.

We’ve gotten great feedback and input from our telegram channel, from people we’ve met at conferences, and from future partners. Now we want feedback from early-adopters. We’re looking for input from people who’ve spent time on other exchanges and can tell the difference between transaction speeds and user-interface experience.

The exchange should be ready to go, but to make sure everything runs perfectly smooth, we will be testing the upcoming two weeks, and we would like to invite YOU to help us.

If you’d like to help us out please go to trade.ourox.io — Sign up for an account, experiment with verification, deposit and withdrawing and let us know if you encounter any problems, delays or other issues. We appreciate all other feedback to be able to improve and maximize the user experience for our future customers.

What you can test.

For now we’re testing the platform. You can create an account and log in, deposit and withdraw. Check out the UI, we’ll launch live trading Feb 1st. We’ve already tested extensively. Early adopters can create an account and go through the verification processes. We’ll be onboarding customers in the next two weeks.

Are there dummy balances?

We’re already on mainnet so you can deposit and withdraw. Unfortunately no dummy balances, because it’s already deployed on mainnet.

Are there trade charts?

The trade charts are not visible yet because no active trades have taken place yet. Soon. Very soon.

Can I invest?

Yes. OuroX is currently conducting the world’s first online public offering of its kind. You can learn more about investing in our platform on our StartEngine page.

Oh, also, this is long but interesting. StartEngine sent the following in an email, recently:

“The repercussions of ignoring security laws the past few years are just beginning, and it will be a while before we see the thawing of crypto winter and the first shoots of spring.

“However, there is a positive side: this year, [Howard] Marks believes that the first Regulation A+ STO [that’s us] will be qualified by the SEC, something that many applicants have been waiting the better part of 2018 for. Marks also thinks that the SEC will approve new trading platforms for digital assets, including broker-dealers dedicated to tokenized assets, and the first crypto ETFs will be approved and brought to market.”

We structured the raise this way intentionally. We believe regulations are how markets mature. They say we’re in a crypto-winter but it’s really a molting process, an evolution.

We took longer to get the raise live than we anticipated (it took us most of last year), but we knew there would be restrictions on investments and we’d have to spend a lot more on compliance. We believe that it is a better long term strategy. Why would we not want to comply with regulations that protect our investors?

How much can I invest?

With Regulation Crowdfunding, non-accredited investors with an annual income or net worth less than $107,000, are limited to invest a maximum of 5%. For those with an annual income or net worth greater than $107,000, he/she is limited to investing 10% of the lesser of the two amounts.

How do I know if I am an accredited or non-accredited investor?

An accredited investor is a person who has a net worth of at least $1 million or earns at least $200,000 in income each year — $300,000 if combined with a spouse. A non-accredited investor is everyone else!

Can I invest if I am under the age of 18?

An investor under 18 cannot invest themselves, however, a parent could invest in his/her name by setting up a UTMA or trust.

To learn more about how much you can invest, please review the SEC Investor Bulletin.

Where do I reach you?

You can e-mail us with your feedback on info@ourox.io.

Okay, for now that should cover it. We’ll be addressing any issues over the coming weeks to prepare for live trading on the 1st of February. That’s right around the corner. Thanks to everyone so far. It’s been quite a journey. We’ll do some posts on all the adventures along the way but for now, let’s (soft) launch this platform!

We look forward to hearing from you and highly appreciate your support!

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The OuroX Blog

Stories from the best FinTech company in LatAm and the Caribbean

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