ICO Prediction: Electrify Asia

We’re going to put our Sentiment Intelligent prediction platform to the test and predict the outcomes of the Electrify Asia ICO this week

We’ll keep it short and sweet and get to the juicy figures. Our Sentiment Intelligence Prediction Platform has come up with the following results:

  • ICO Price: $0.08

Week 1:

  • All time high: $0.179 (2.2375X)
  • All time low: $0.00456 (0.57X)
  • Average 24hr Volume: 1821.22 ETH

6 Months:

  • All time high: $0.3327 (4.159X)
  • All time low: $0.00456 (0.57X)
  • Average 24hr Volume: 710.97 ETH

Disclaimer: Markets are extremely volatile and investing in a very short term period such as one week is exceptionally risky. Our models cannot provide certainty on outcomes in such a short space. Our fund invests based on our six-month predictions, not weekly.


Our model has predicted a favorable outcome for the performance of the Electrify Asia ICO. Electrify Asia has performed very well in all static data points such as token metrics, team, partnerships, lockup, discount/bonus, product type, product state, etc.

Electrify Asia has also received largely positive sentiment. To add a caveat to that — while positive, there has been very little exposure for EA on Telegram. This both dilutes the relevance of or sentiment analysis results and reflects negatively on investor interest.

To add to that, our model has also predicted that exchanges with high volume (e.g. Kucoin, Huobi, Binance) will only start listing ELEC tokens after 5 weeks. This is not favorable for a cryptocurrency with little “hype”.

Note: ourTell and the ourTell team involved in these predictions have no stake/position in Electrify Asia. This is purely a prediction based on our model. The Sentiment Intelligence fund still runs on a conceptual basis and has not invested in any projects as of publishing this article.

Head over to our website and be sure to download our whitepaper if you would like to get some more information on how we make predictions and what parameters are considered.

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