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Lincoln W Daniel
5 min readApr 28, 2024


Everyone needs to send files. Moreover, everyone needs to send large files at some point in life. I’ve built to simplify this.

Unlike other options, OurTransfers enables you to send unlimited files of any size for free, easily and securely. That’s right: completely free.

What’s the catch? Fair question. There’s always a catch, right?
Not really… Keep reading. Or just go try it. It’s incredibly simple.

Freemium — Free Forever | Pay for More Features

In the case of OurTransfers, the only catch is that you can get even more features if you need them to run your business smoothly with the best customer experience for your clients.

Our Pro subscription of $15 per month, along with beautifully crafted advertisements, will keep OurTransfers free forever.

More Backstory

Okay, enough of the sales pitch. Let me get back to my story…

The simple download experience of OurTransfers

If you haven’t already ran into the issue of trying to send a large file via email, have you really lived?

I remember my first time running into this issue like it was just yesterday. Well, that’s because it was. I tried to send a what should have been a small file to a potential client. Gmail promptly told me the maximum attachment file size is 25MB.

Even if you try to send many small files, you’ll still have this ridiculously small email attachment limit of 25MB. It’s worse in Outlook, at 20MB max.

What’s Wrong With Cloud Storage Providers?

And what if you want to send files without the hassle of drafting an email? Well, you could send it through Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. But everyone doesn’t use the same cloud storage provider, so there’s fragmentation that can make it hard for your recipient to receive and download your files if you want privacy.

If you decide to be considerate and make your files public to make it easy to download even if your recipient doesn’t use the same cloud storage provider as you, well, then it’s not private; anyone can access your precious files.

There’s also the risk that if you forget to set the right permissions on your folders, your recipient could abuse your hospitality by adding their own files to your cloud folder and using your storage space as their own. Don’t think this can happen? Think again. If it’s thinkable, it can and probably has already happened. In fact, a photographer, who I interviewed during my market research for OurTransfers, told me this happened to him for awhile before he noticed.

So email isn’t it. Using popular cloud storage providers isn’t ideal. What are your other options?

File Transfer Services

File transfer services to the rescue! 🦸 There are many of them. Just google it: “send large file”. You’ll find many options. So if there are so many, why use OurTransfers?

Well, OurTransfers, as the name clearly suggests, is a transfer service. In fact, it’s currently only a file transfer service, although more options are on the way.

What makes OurTransfers special?

How to Use OurTransfers

Unlike the others, OurTransfers is the only truly free unlimited file transfer service. You can send as many files of any size as you want for free.

In other words, if you want to send 10MB, 50MB, 10GB, or 400GB+, you’re free to do it using OurTransfers.

Others will stop you at 2GB or so, making you pay to send a max of 250GB. OurTransfers lets you send as much or as little as you’d like, when you’d like.

How to Send Files with OurTransfers

Sending files with OurTransfers is as easy as

  1. Login with your email to start your private & secure transfer,
  2. select your files,
  3. enter your recipient’s email, and
  4. click send.
The homepage of with your existing contacts.

How to Receive & Download Files With OurTransfers

Your recipient will receive an email with your name and email address in the subject line. It’ll also let them know how many files you’ve sent them. However, they won’t be able to see the size of the package nor any details about any of the files therein.

The email subject your recipients see when you send them files OurTransfers

The email that your recipient sees will have a button to go download the files you’ve sent them through OurTransfers. This way, even if they unintentionally forward the email, only your intended recipient will have access to your files:

The email your recipients receive when you send them files via OurTransfers

From there, your recipient will sign into OurTransfers in order to securely download the files you sent them. On their dashboard, they’ll see your files in a list or grid layout, depending on the number and types of files in the package.

They can choose to download some or all of the files before the package expires. By default, free packages expire after 3 days. You can pay for the Pro subscription plan to get unlimited storage and custom expiration dates (or no expiration at all).

A screenshot of how your recipients receive & download your files on

If your recipient chooses to download all of your files in a single bundle, it’ll be downloaded as a .ZIP archive.

Final Words

Sending files should not be a pain. It should be as easy as OurTransfers makes it. I’m excited to launch OurTransfers to the public. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Also, support us on ProductHunt 🙏



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