Policies to empower humans: sharing our company handbook

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As we’ve grown and evolved as a company this year, we’ve thought hard about what we want to be. It’s easy to want to be inclusive, responsible, people-first; and it’s easy to say you’re those things too. We’ve learned a lot about who we are through writing down how we do things. And we’ve also learned about inclusivity, transparency, and openness by writing them into policy.

After a long process of thoughtful debate, endless revisions, and reviews with HR professionals, we’re super proud to be able to share our handbook with the world.

Human Made at our annual company retreat. July 2016, Slovakia.

The handbook

Our handbook is the place where all our work-related guidances and policies live. It’s an evolving project and a place where new humans start and it’s grown from the contributions of diverse individuals within the company.

Why are we sharing it?

We believe in policies that empower humans to do their job, encourage a positive work/life balance and ensure a fair and open hiring process. We’re also passionate about open sourcing ideas and knowledge.

Our handbook helps us shape our future and sharing it has ensured we’re able to pass on the experience and knowledge we’ve learned in the process. You are free to use it, but we cannot guarantee it is fit for your own purpose.

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If you’d like to explore more of our practices, policies and culture, join us for our first AMA at Out of Office, May 30th from 4 PM BST.