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Which business needs a mobile app and what are its benefits?

Mobile App — Podcasts

Who needs a mobile application?

Mobile App — Blue collar
Mobile App — LonKat

When you don’t need a mobile app?

Benefits of a mobile app

1. Increase of interested target audience

Mobile App — Sweetle

2. Increase of sales

3. Loyalty of the audience

Year.ly — Mobile App

4. Monitoring of business performance

5. Marketing tool

Mobile App — Tetris

6. Optimization of business processes

7. Search engine promotion

Mobile App — BikeMap

8. Fast loading of the content

9. Increasing conversion with push notifications

10. Better UI

Mobile app — Mom to Mom

11. Better quality of service

Mobile App — Kitchen Stories

12. Using built-in smartphone functions

Mobile App — RoadMap

13. Attracting new users

14. Linking of the site to the application

Mobile App — Honest trip

Let’s rest and summarize



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