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What Design Trends We Got in 2019 and What Expect for 2020?

Illustration: Outcrowd

The 2019 year was productive, diverse, edgy, and arty for Outcrowd. We were involved in various projects creating designs for different industries and products, so why not share with you the most innovative design trends we faced in 2019?

Here are some cutting-edge design trends we got in 2019, and some words about the future of 2020.

3D design

This design trend was definitely inspired by the progress of technology tools. Three-dimensional works look more ‘alive’ and 2019 can be called a year of 3D illustrations.

Animated Isometric design

This design is very common for different SaaS startups, and still one of the most significant trends. Isometric compositions are improved to 3D dimensions or animations. You can see some experience of other design geniuses with isometric design and animated isometric design below.

Guillaume Kurkdjian

Modern Mid-Century Art

Do you know the painting of David Hockney's “The Splash”? Tate Modern in London just exhibited his works.

“The Splash”

And, web design has ‘caught’ the hype of this art genre.

Such a mid-modern design had a reflection in designs from packaging to websites in 2019. And, it looks great!


It is difficult to call ‘Gradients’ a trend, as from year to year designers use gradients to boost creativity. Gradients still look fresh and trendy, and because of newly available tools, like 3D effects, gradients designs became even more impressive.


Nude or pastel palettes

Not only in fashion, but in the 2019 web design these color palettes were big trends. Thanks to nude and pastel colors, designs look gentle, ‘arty’, and minimalistic. Outcrowd has implemented this trend with SMPL.

The color of the 2019 year was Coral, so we implemented this trend in our color palette.


Variable fonts

Design is progressing, and becoming more innovative; typography is evolving too. Variable fonts are ‘a new black’ in the digital world. According to DesignWeek magazine, “a variable font is a single font file that has the capability of acting as many.” And, this trend is going to be even more popular in 2020.


Mixing photography/video with graphics

One of the biggest trends that were used not only in web design, but music videos, or, in the case of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour’s interview.

Illustration in devices

Illustrations are a long-lasting trend in design. However, in 2019, illustrations were widely used for different devices, not only on web version but mobile. Various mobile applications use this trend in their work.

Motion Effects

Motion effects were taken to another level in 2019 and seem to evolve in 2020. It’s not a surprise, as motion effects are offering viewers a unique visual experience.


What next in 2020?

All these design trends are still welcome in the design world. However, there are some tendencies for the next years. Blue is a color of 2020 and we are sure designers know about it. Art became closer to design in 2019 and will be even closer in 2020. 3D effects, animations, and videos, surely will remain trends. And, a mixture of design trends like a video with graphics or sloppy handwriting with Renaissance paintings designs just to prove how modern design is open to innovations and creativity!



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