Top 10 Bang-for-Your-Buck RVs

When it comes to RVs, everyone wants to get the best quality, the best functional design, the best utility for the best price. Here’s a quick list with links and some information about the 10 best Bang-For-Your-Buck RVs available by class. If you need a reminder about what the classes mean, check out our Big Guide to RV Classes.

Class A (= The Big Guys)

The Mauck 2

The smallest, lightest, most fuel efficient and lowest-priced Class A. If you don’t need to haul around a ton of people, this is the one for you.

The RexAir

Made by the Rexhall Company, this aerodynamic Class A has unique T-Rex full body sliders for maximum room. There’s a reason why this company has the most customer loyalty. Build quality and innovation are part of that. It’s hard to find a more bang-for-the buck RV in the Class A category than RexAir.

Class B (= The Campervan)

GTRV Conversions

It’s as simple as this: get yourself a van, and we mean any van, and take it to a GTRV shop. They will convert it to a Class B RV, for about two-thirds of what you could get if you bought one from a certified dealer.

Class C (The Not-as-Big-Guys)

Lazy Daze

You may have to travel to California for this one, but the savings might be worth it. Lazy Daze uses a Ford F-450 chassis and builds their RVs in-house. There is no middle man, you go to the factory and pick up your Class C and drive it home. In business since 1956, which alone is a testament to their quality and durability, you won’t find a better bang-for-the-buck deal on a Class C motor home

Gulf Stream Coach Conquest

Gulf Stream has been in business since 1983. The Class C Conquest is known industry wide for innovation, quality and above all, value. That value puts it in the best bang-for-the-buck category right there.

Towables: Fifth Wheel

Coleman/Dutchman Denali

This is one of the most affordable Fifth Wheels, but it doesn’t sacrifice on luxury or innovation. Several slides makes this an incredibly roomy RV that it as close to taking your home on wheels.

Forest River

Forest fifth wheels are known for their With an incredible array of models to choose from, there is a Fifth Wheel here for virtually any budget, size, luxury, style and what have you. No one gives you kore choices than Forest River.

Towables: Travel Trailers


Although it’s one of the most expensive travel trailers available, virtually every other trailer is judged against the Airstream. In this case, you really get is what you pay for. If you want best in class — ANY class — you’ll get an Airstream travel trailer. That alone makes it a best bang-for-the-buck deal out there.

Casita Patriot

Made of a fiberglass composite, all Casita trailers are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to pull and the Patriot model can be towed by many cars, crossovers and SUVs. For any couple on a weekend getaway, there is no better bang-for-the-buck trailer than a Casita.

Custom Builds

Cowboy Cadillac

You can virtually bring in any type of vehicle, and they will build an RV on it. Since there is no one else that does this, it’s one of the most unique Bang-For-Your-Buck RVs on this list.

Originally published at on August 31, 2016.

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