How I Plan to be a Prosperous Writer in 2016

I write 10,000 meaningful words every day.

That’s one of my new affirmations for 2016. I came up with it after reading Prosperity for Writers by Honoree Corder.

Wait, 10K words a day? Isn’t that a lot? How did that happen?

As an author and freelance writer, I turned to Honoree’s book because I haven’t been feeling particularly prosperous this winter. But as soon as I finished the book, I was excited—fired up!—to apply her concepts to my life and to my writing.

“You Can be a Prosperous Writer!” is the title of the first chapter. And while I was woefully skeptical (yes, I’ll admit to an eye roll or two), I kept reading.

While prosperity is the main premise of the book, it doesn’t focus on marketing ourselves or increasing sales. Honoree’s contention is that when we change how we think about ourselves and our writing, prosperity will follow.

One concept that particularly resonated with me was her idea of BOLO. She encourages us to “be on the lookout” for abundance in everything we do, and in everything in our lives. We need to take notice of abundance and express gratitude for it every day.

It makes sense. How can we be prosperous if we don’t even know what prosperity looks like? How can we expect an abundance of sales, readers, fans, and money if we don’t ever recognize the abundance we already have?

A second idea that she promotes in Prosperity for Writers is that as writers, we need to reframe our limiting beliefs and craft new affirmations. We need to tell the story of who we want to be—and see ourselves there, as a fait accompli—rather than weigh ourselves down with thoughts tinged with fear, scarcity and failure. As you’ll see below, I’ve shared two of my affirmations I wrote as part of the exercises in the book, but that’s not why I’m so excited.

I’m excited because, as part of finding abundance in my life, I’ve combined the BOLO with an affirmation:

I write 10,000 meaningful words every day.

Note that I don’t say “I will write” or “I can write”. I write. Present tense. It is happening now, not in the future. And it’s not a goal. It’s a reality.

The Centennial bulb, the longest burning light bulb in existence. (Source: Wikipedia)

Why this affirmation? My goal is to create an abundance of words. I wonder how many writers have gazed longingly at those authors who can write 10K-30K words a day? In my case, while I’ve managed to find the motivation to write every day, I’ve always struggled to produce more than about 3000 words. Sometimes even 1000 has been tough. So abundance—prosperity—means getting over that hump. Unlike some people, time isn’t usually a factor for me, so I wondered why I don’t write more. Why is quantity such a struggle? And that’s when I had the light bulb moment. I realized after reading Prosperity for Writers that it’s all in my head. I don’t write 5,000 words a day, or 10,000, or 20,000, because I haven’t believed that I could, because I haven’t been paying attention to how much I do write, because I give myself permission to write fewer words. And that all stops now.

I write 10,000 meaningful words every day.

When I say ‘meaningful,’ I’m not counting the ephemeral and often careless words I generate every day on Facebook, in email to friends and colleagues, or in text messages and chat. Instead, I mean words that lead to prosperity. Words that last.

Writing a rough draft of a novel chapter counts. Short stories and blog posts count too. So does producing more content for my nonfiction book series, and even substantive revision/rewriting on existing work (where significant new words are generated). I’ll even count meaningful journaling or note-taking if it leads to productivity elsewhere.

I won’t lie. I consider myself a professional writer and yet 10,000 words still presents a daunting challenge. Ten thousand words a day is equivalent completing a NaNoWriMo every five-day work week. Many successful and productive authors only generate around 3000 words a day (and that’s still over a million words a year). 10K is more like 3 million words a year.


Okay, I’m not going to let that freak me out.

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I write 10,000 meaningful words every day.

Starting today I’m going to write 10K every day. Every day. The trick will be measuring the words (and not getting too caught up in the mechanics of that, which could be a major procrastination technique if I’m not careful!). I already recognize that it will be a challenge when I have day-long events, holidays, and other things taking me away from the keyboard. But there’s always at least a little time to write, and I’ll write as much as I can. Lucky for me, I even have the groundwork in place, having previously pledged to write 500,000 words this year as part of the 10-Minute Novelists group on Facebook (they even provided a handy spreadsheet so I’m set!).

If I don’t reach my 10K goal every single day I won’t flog myself. But I will get up the next day and start again.

Because I’m a prosperous author and writing matters.

One thing I’ve believed for a long time (an idea that predates my reading of Prosperity for Writers) is that to make something happen, something big and important to me, I have to put the idea out into the universe. Generally I’ve done this by telling other people my plans, which has the effect of cementing the plans in my brain and holding myself accountable. To this end, I thought I’d share two of my other affirmations I wrote as part of the homework in Honoree’s book:

I am a author. I write fiction for people who crave adventure, inspiration and romance, as well as nonfiction to assist my fellow indie authors. I earn an abundant living writing fiction for people who crave adventure, inspiration and romance, as well as nonfiction to assist my fellow indie authors.


I am a writer. People look forward to reading what I write and are willing to pay for my writing. I make an abundant living as a writer because people want to read what I write and are willing to pay for it.

I write 10,000 meaningful words every day.

Are you a writer? What are your own writing goals? Do you want to make money as a writer? Do you, like me, want to produce more (and better) writing? Do you want to get rid of the J-O-B? Create your own affirmations and join me! I’d love to have you along for the ride. Drop me a note on my website or Twitter and let’s connect!

For those who already write a lot every day, suggestions and tips would also be most welcome!

Jackie is a prosperous author and copywriter living in Austin, TX. Visit her blog at and follow her on Twitter & Facebook. You can also purchase her first novel, By Moonrise, on Amazon.

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