Patrick Manfra
Aug 28 · 2 min read
Outlet Mobile App
Outlet Mobile App
(Outlet Mobile App)

Outlet is a crypto and decentralized finance application for everyone. You do not need to know anything about crypto to get started, and that is the beauty of its design. The goal of Outlet is to provide users with a way to easily access and get plugged into the world of DeFi without having to understand the technical intricacies that come with owning, and managing cryptocurrencies. Outlet gives mainstream users access to DeFi in a currency they can understand, USD, while utilizing stablecoins behind the scenes.

When you transfer money from your bank to Outlet we turn it into a stable coin and lend those stable coins to the highest yielding lending protocol.

Features for everyone:

Easy Integration: Follow simple KYC signup and add your bank to your Outlet account. Think of us like a chrome extension for your bank account. We never save your bank account information. We use industry-leading Plaid for this part of our signup process.

For Crypto People:

Zero Fee On-Ramp: We eat the cost of doing business and turning your fiat to crypto. Coinbase and other traditional on-ramps have fees upwards of 3%.

Clean Tax Record: Because you do not have to track multiple wallets and swap coins to use a protocol you no longer need to keep track of your spending for tax purposes. This makes things simpler for the traditional crypto person.

For Non-Crypto People:

A Higher Interest Rate On Your Savings: A traditional bank account only pays you 0.09% APY (industry average) Outlet accounts earn roughly 12% APY (current rate). If you have further questions on how we achieve this high rate of interest please talk to us. Reach out via twitter, join our discord or just email us.

Building a better bank account on Ethereum through lending protocals

Patrick Manfra

Written by

Founder of Outlet.Finance

Building a better bank account on Ethereum through lending protocals

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