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This Week’s NFT Outliers — March 29th 2022

I’ve never gotten to create a “rule of thumb” before, but today I’m going to. I’ve been seeing these on my twitter timeline lately, and aside from the fact that they are utterly abhorrent, they also seem deeply exploitative. So, here’s my rule:

Never buy an NFT discovered from a promoted tweet.

Seems straightforward. I saw this earlier on my timeline and I just about deleted the app:

If you are the owner of this NFT and would like to discuss this with me, please send me a direct message on twitter @johndavidback

As a reminder: I’m pretty new to the NFT game myself. So, read the below and take this journey with me as we tackle the most exciting arts revolution since they invented glow in the dark Crayola markers.

Art you should consider REALLY SOON

As I mentioned last week, fxhash is about to burn down un-minted editions… this week. Chris put together a good thread yesterday about items that can still be picked up, and you should take a look at the thread below. Most of these are eminently affordable. 2.5 XTZ (that’s 2.5 tezos) at the time of publishing is about 9.50 USD. Pretty cheap for art. Take a look at the thread.

Thank you Christopher.

There’s something in my early-web-developer brain that reacts emotionally to Violeta Lopez’s CSS Textiles. It’s trippy and fun, almost feels like I am running my hands over it in real life. Neat! And at 1tz apiece, why the hell not snap up a few?

Credit: violetforest on fxhash. Link to piece

And, as always, pifragile has me wishing I was a main character in Mad Men, drinking bourbon and smoking cigarettes in my mid-century modern styled office, looking over Manhattan.

You have time to mint this puppy by @pifragile right now if you hurry

It’s the perfect time for some (self) Discovery

According to our 2nd of 7 steps to becoming a great NFT collector, you need to engage in some Discovery work. This means putting away your money, hiding the keys to the safe, and just looking around. The idea here is to come up with a “shape” of what moves you in the space. What do you react to? What do you like? What tugs at your heart strings? Ignore the prices — focus on the art. Figuring out a good value for your money comes later.

Do this now. Pop open each of these and find 5 pieces that you like

  1. fxhash explore
  2. hic et nunc
  3. opensea (more mainstream, but still has some cool ish)
  4. chris ostoich’s twitter

Put them into a list. Then share that list either in the comments to this post or on Twitter and tag us @theoutli3rs and we’ll take a look at it with you.

As a collector, as an NFT art lover, try to have a sense of what your aesthetic is. For example, this piece I found on hic et nunc, which also includes audio, is incredible:

Please go collect this piece immediately and transfer it to me: “dispersal” by serenart.

The Tezos market is getting a hell of a lot hotter

Without calling out names (we’ll do that in due time), we want to point out that there are some “whales” making their way over from the Ethereum-based marketplaces to the Tezos-based. What I personally think is going on here is that collectors are finding the ETH marketplaces overpriced, oversaturated, and becoming repetitive. Tezos, on the other hand, is more like the Wild West. We have the best art, the cost-to-value is still super favorable, and, perhaps most importantly, we have the best community.

If you want to see what the action looks like, go to henext and see the past day or week. And then head over to objkt, scroll down a bit, and look at the hot collections. They are getting hotter. And collection…ier.

And, Finally

If you have any tips, aka alpha, you want to share, by all means hit me up. As soon as Apple approves, our new podcast will be released with the first few episodes. You heard it here first.



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