2016 Jumpstart Letter from OutPax

Hello outdoor lovers,

Last year we have made preparatory sketches for this year’s canvas. In a span of 3 months, we were able to conduct diverse outdoor activities like jogging, motorbike touring, camping, hiking, river trekking, canyoneering, rappelling, island hopping, whale watching & backpacking trainings. We are conveying how huge the outdoor world is. That there is much more we can do.

The whole spectrum of outdoors just seems so limitless. This year, we aim to make our first stroke of color of the entire painting.

To open 2016 is HealthCamp. This event is aimed to be a sustainable advocacy that highlights the health benefits of outdoors. We are excited to explore all the possibilities and we want to paint like Picasso in this vision.

It is our goal to bring outdoors to everybody. And so this 1st Quarter, we are creating activities like scuba diving, rock climbing & board paddling for beginners, hesitants & enthusiasts.

We are also reviving lost treasures in outdoors by bringing back Orienteering. Clinics & challenges will be held to relive this competitive sports.

We are slowly growing our community by inviting more trusted organizers and reaching other places in the country.

We thank you for your continuous support & in sharing the vision. See you in the mountains, in streets, in caves, in all waterforms & in mid air.

Yes, this is going to be awesome year!