How to boost your productivity with Outplanr

Being productive is essential to succeed professionally. Productivity requires organization skills and even a change of personal habits. There are out there great tools that will help you improve your time management.

Meet Outplanr, our tool designed to help boost productivity while giving you more helping you achieve a better work-life balance.

Every jack to his trade

Grouping people in areas is essential to organize an office. So in Outplanr you can create groups and delegate projects directly to that group.

Always work in teams

Teamwork is essential for productivity. But for that you need to now what everyone has on their plate. Outplanr is designed around a calendar where you can see how busy everyone is at any time, so you can collaborate better.

Give size to your work

Having a to-do list with all tasks that you have to do isn’t enough. You need to assign them time and priority. In the Plan section you can check how busy everyone is, not just counting task totals, but their times as well.

Plan each day

In Outplanr a workday is 7 hours long, to accommodate any pauses needed to rest and rewind during the day. So each day is limited to 7 hours and your Plan view shows an alert you when you have more tasks assigned for each day. And when the day finishes, Outplanr automatically auto-pauses tasks too, so you don’t need to worry about leaving the time tracker on.

Value your time

Keeping your tasks on track means knowing how much time you need to spend in each one.

Know what’s happening without having to ask

Avoid interrupting your team to learn what they are doing at any given time. With Outplanr you can see in real-time each task each person is doing, and how are the status of all tasks, in real-time.

Hassle-free timesheets

Filling-in timesheets take time and it’s so boring. But with Outplanr you can get timesheets automatically in CSV and get on with more important stuff.

Type in tasks anywhere

See that important task that you need to take care tomorrow? Send it by email to your Personal tasks in Outplanr, for later reference.

Copy + Paste = Instant Outplanr Task List

If you have an old good excel document with all tasks you have to do for a Project, you can paste every task from a list to Outplanr: easy and simple!

Do it, do it, do it, do it

If you have those tasks that repeat every week, the Outplanr recurring tasks, give you the option just writing one time the task you want and choose when it will repeat until when it will stop. This is great also for longer tasks that take more than one day.

Two is better than one

See that huge project with several tasks, documents, events. You have a new one, just like that. Simple — copy the project and get cracking. In Outplanr you can duplicate or make templates of projects and tasks, so you can save time and repetitions. More time for what matters.

Go on: plan, track and relax.

First published on The Outplanr Blog: Boost Your #Productivity with Outplanr