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FS-FlightControl, FSW’s best friend

Do you want to position your aircraft easily, whether for testing an approach or at an airport? Change weather, season and hour of day? Manage fuel and load, open and close doors, define failures, see statistics and graphs… all this and more in Flight Sim World? Get FS-FlightControl, Flight Sim World’s best friend.

FS-FlightControl is an instructor station for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x, and Microsoft Flight Simulator X including Steam Edition. It also supports X-Plane 10 and 11 support is now available as public beta version. And yes, it works perfectly with Flight Sim World. Try the demo, fully active for 14 days.

The free Bowerman scenario from Orbx is one I use with Flight Sim World. I also use one from the Channel Islands, from SoarFlyConcepts, both seen in this article

When I found that this version of the program works with FSW, I downloaded it immediately. Unfortunately, I could not get it to work, so I connected it to FSX, and instantly I was amazed. From the easy to use interface on FS-Flight Control I had direct access to the most inner parts of my sim, being able to do things from pushback with complete control, the same for view/slew the aircraft, define failures, manage fuel/load, see a map, place my aircraft on different approach points, on the runway or any other location I want.

Flight Sim World is one of the sims this program is compatible with (left) Finding your way and parking areas at airports is easy with FS-FlightControl (right)

Maps for the airports help to place the aircraft at any position, taxiways, gates, parking positions, wherever you choose, and because it’s a moving map you even can use it to follow the aircraft. You can import flight plans or create them inside the program. The map also shows you everything you need to define your route, with airways, low and high, navaids like VORs NDBs and markers. ILS beams and axis, everything is there.

Through the interface you can change weather themes in instants, without leaving Flight Sim World

I was just touching the surface, but I wanted to try FS-FlightControl with Flight Sim World, so I got in touch with the people behind the project, and in less than one hour I had a reply: FS-Flight Control had stopped working with FSW because of the recent update (7, Cool & Dark), but Andreas Breitschopp, CEO of AB-Tools, the company behind the product, assured me a new version was already available online — he had just uploaded it -, and that the program would update itself when I launched it again. What I did…

You can see in real time where your plane is and control so many other aspects of the simulation

I’ve to finish these notes to go back and play more. It is simply amazing the level of control you have over FSW with FS-FlightControl. Things that people has been asking for in the FSW forums are immediately accessible with FS-FlightControl. Do you want to pause the program and keep the simulation screen with your airplane visible, as in FSX? Well, you have a PAUSE button on the FS-FlightControl that does exactly that. The interface makes it much easier to change weather, time of day and many other things that usually take more time and clicks to happen when done through the interface of the simulator, FSW or any other. This program goes into the guts of the simulator engine and makes things happen as if by magic. Things that in many cases you will never be able to touch. Now you can.

Change time of day, season and much more while keeping an eye on everything else. FS-FlightControl is like a Swiss knife for virtual pilots

If, like me you you want to train approaches, FS-FlightControl offers an interface which allows to define, in instants, the airport, the distance and so many other things, from time of day to weather, going through failures. Believe me, the best thing you can do this weekend, if you’re reading this, is to download the trial version and… I bet you’ll want to buy the program. And if you’re a simmer who has other simulators, FS-FlightControl works with almost any title available in the market.

Statistics give you in real time important information about your plane you would not otherwise be able to see

The images published here will give you an idea of what is possible to achieve with this magic interface. FS-FlightControl is “very actively developed”, told me Andreas Breitschopp, pointing to the changelog of the program. Users are invited to give feedback and suggestions, to make the program even better.

Launched in February 2016 (version 1.0.0) after some six months of beta versions, FS-FlightControl is a tool for Flight Schools and flight simulation centers, allowing a networked control of stations. It also has an app for iOS allowing control using a smartphone, besides the Windows version. The version for home use is sold at a lower price, bought directly online and downloaded to your computer. It costs €49.95, plus taxes, depending on your country.

FS-FlightControl connection to the Flight Simulator is established directly via SimConnect for best performance — no additional tools like FSUIPC needed! Try it today!

In a world where everybody seems to want Flight Sim World to fail, there are developers who see the sim as one more opportunity. FS-FlightControl is one example, one that you’ll love to have connected to your FSW. Never go fly without it!



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